Breaking Down the Immigration Debate

Jun 21, 2013 Issues: Immigration
As the immigration debate in the Senate continues, there is one thing we can all agree on – the current system is broken and needs to be fixed.
We must start with securing our border and enforcing the laws already on the books. We also need to revise our legal immigration system to continue the influx of ideas and innovation that have made America the envy of the world. And we have to do things the right way – that means tackling the issues in an order that makes sense, starting with securing the border.
Border Security:  The current Senate bill would change the status of undocumented immigrants before securing the border.  Additionally, in some areas, it even weakens border security laws.  The bill’s provisions giving unilateral authority to the Obama administration in determining whether the border is secure are also especially troubling, knowing that Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano said in 2011 that the “border is better now than it ever has been.”
The lack of a plan to secure the border FIRST is unacceptable, and a major reason I voted against moving forward with the bill last week.
Legal Immigration:  It is critically important to fix our legal immigration system. Hi-tech jobs – scientists, engineers and others – help to keep America at the forefront of the technological revolution. Agricultural workers also provide important labor for many farms around the country. While the current proposal takes positive steps regarding our legal immigration system, there are still many areas for improvement.
Solutions: I have supported several straightforward, common sense amendments to strengthen the Senate bill over the past few weeks, including:
  • Grassley Amendment (June 13) – Requires that the border be effectively secured for six months before any change of status for undocumented immigrants begins
  • Thune Amendment (June 18) – Requires construction of 700 miles of double-layered border fence, including 350 miles before any change of status for undocumented immigrants begins
  • Vitter Amendment (June 18) – Requires full implementation of the biometric entry/exit system, first required by Congress in 1996, at every land, sea, and air port of entry and passage of a Congressional joint resolution stating that the system has been sufficiently implemented before any change of status for undocumented immigrants begins
  • Lee Amendment (June 19) – Requires Congressional approval, as opposed to approval by the Department of Homeland Security, or border and fencing strategies before any change of status for undocumented immigrants begins
In short, if we don’t focus on the cause – lax border security and enforcement of current laws – we cannot hope to stop the effect. This is a very important issue, and one that requires targeted solutions. We must ensure that 27 years from now, Americans are not looking back on another failed attempt to solve this problem, as we do now with the 1986 immigration reform package.


The opinions expressed below are those of their respective authors and do not necessarily represent those of this office.

    CarolinaSistah: Bravo!  Bless you for standing in the gap for S.C.


    Carmen Breuer: Thank you for doing the right thing and protecting Americans first.  Please, please do not vote for this bill.

    Charlie Rogers: Border Security needs to be benchmarked and measured annually with a strong target of 95% compliance before any other changes are made. Get serious about immigration reform and do not allow DHS to have so much power to stop deportations despite illegal actions. Real accountability needed and Senate needs to stop pandering

    Jan: I agree that it is important to have the borders secured! I also know that many people would go back to their homes in their own countries if they couldn't find jobs here. Any business that hires illegals is also breaking the law and should be fined! No jobs would cut back on illegals!

    Jesse C. lott Jr.: Senator Scott, Your views are what most Americans want to see. We have to secure the border first before anything is done for the 11 million illegals. The economy is going to get really bad. Just keep voting the way you are. Semper Fi! Jesse Lott

    Donna: Thank you for voting against this bill. My main concern is that terrorists could easily cross the border from the south as well as from Canada. That scares me the most and the border must absolutely be secured asap.

    Jack and Ebba Gamer: Keep standing up for the principles that will keep our Country safe, secure and law abiding. We appreciate your conservative policies.

    William C Esham: Thank you for not voting for this bill.

    Knox: Tying changes in status for people already in the country to numerical performance targets on border security is both impractical, unfair and will not help the Republicans get elected. The Immigration Bill should be approved as it stands.

    Clifford M. Cole, Sr.: Thank you for standing up for the sovereignty of our country. I believe that the government cannot be trusted to secure the border. The government did not live up to their 1986 promise nor the 2006 promise to build 700 miles of fence but only 36 miles have been built to date.

    Troy Burrows: I just wish your common sense conservative approach would rub off on Sen. Graham. If we could somehow get him to change his support it might start the wave to loose all the GOP support so this bill will die. Thank you for your support. You have been doing an excellent job of filling the Jim Demint seat with the same conservative protection of our rights and liberties.

    priscilla cooper: Thank you for holding line.

    Linda Demchak: Thank you for standing up for America. I have nothing against people that want to come to America the right way, to become Americans and not live off the tax payers! Please do not vote for any of this bill, thank you

    John Delaney: 1986 and again 2008 bills were passed into law requiring new measures on the border to secure it. Completion of the 700 miles of fenicing. Apprehended illegal entries must be processed in a manner that has a punitive aspect. We have placed them under restraint, released and the next day they are back again. Illegals MUST be deported.. I don't care if they have been here for 70 years. OUT.

    SPENCER MATHEWS: I wholeheartedly support your position that border security be established and verified before any immigration bill gets voted on. If I am not mistaken, Congress passed, and President Bush signed, in 2006, a law that required the construction of 700 miles of border fencing. The fact that that fencing does not yet exist, is evidence supporting the belief that the executive branch is not serious about border security.

    Sally Hamilton: Thank you for your honest, caring approach to government. Please know you are in my prayers.

    S: Thank you for your sensible and wise thinking on this very important issue. Let us learn from the past, and not make any more laws until we enforce those on the books. Secure the border first! Thank you for representing our views so well in the U.S. Senate.

    RevAmyinSC: Senator Scott, thank you for standing for the safety and security of this nation. I am all for legal immigration, and providing asylum to those fleeing countries in which their lives are at stake. But to try and make ANY changes to our current system without first ensuring the security of our borders is incredibly short-sighted and unproductive. So, thank you, Senator Scott, for doing what is right by this country.

    Carla Anderson: Thank you Senator for upholding the wishes of SC. You are doing a great job of representing us and our desire not to have this amnesty bill passed into law. There are far too many hidden agenda added into the depths of this bill. Please continue to fight against the passage of amnesty.

    James C. Morrison, Jr.: I congratulate you Senator Scott for your vision on the common sense Immigration Amendments to strengthen the bill now before the Senate. I encourage you to be STRONG in your convictions and try to sway the "Moderate" Senators to also use their common sense in writing this VERY, VERY important Immigration Reform Bill. Thank You for your time. I was a member of the 1st. graduating class of R.B. Stall High School 1965. Our High School alma mater.

    Vernon Samuelson: Thank you for sticking to your tea party conservative constitutional principles while serving SC in the US Senate. Please vote no on any immigration bill that provides any form of amnesty or a path to citizenship to any person who is in this country illegally for any reason and even for those who have been deported and now want back in. Every illegal alien needs to go to the back of the line!

    Thomas Yates: Thank you for taking this approach on the immigration bill. I commend you on your efforts.

    Ted and Virginia Weston: We completely agree that any immigration change must rest on the foundation of having control of the borders. All measures of any kind require that you have access and control of the issue. Without it, everything done will ultimately fail. We so appreciate your keen understanding, wisdom and dedication to serve us all! Thanks you!

    Mary Hoard: Nothing until the borders are secure.

    Tom Filer: Thank you Senator Scott,for standing up to the "gang of eight". Proud to have a Senator from our great state that has the courage to not drink the beltway cool-aid.

    Craig Adams: Thanks, Sen Scott but this issue cannot be solved in the current political environment. CraigAdamsOrg

    carolinagirl: If it was illegal to hire illegal immigrants nationwide, then many illegals would go home voluntarily due to lack of work opportunities. Also, if they are illegal, then their families should not qualify for free education and the welfare programs. I don't qualify for free education so why should they? They are breaking the law and should be punished. If we break the law, then we go to jail. They knew what they were doing when they did it but they decided to put the load on taxpayers backs while they get a free ride. Not right at all.

    John C. Paul: Thanks Mr. Scott for all you do.

    Carole Edwards: Thank you, Senator Scott for standing for strong border control. Our border should be controled before considering how to deal with illegal immigrants already in our country.

    Fred Gleffe: Having retired from DHS/ICE, border security is tantamount to any future immigration reform. There is a tremendous need for completing the southern border infrastructure but West Coast ports of entry & our neighbors to the North will become alternate ingress points. It's a very complex problem & our nation must wake up before a terrorist cell moves next door. You doing a great job!

    Douglas White: At least we have one Senator from the Great State of South Carolina that understands South Carolinians (and the Constitution).

    Betsy: Thank you, Tim, for standing up for what is right for SC and this country. Please do not be swayed by the Corker Amendment, as I do not believe it to be the grand solution some claim it to be. Hold strong! We pray for your wisdom.

    Glenda: Thank you, Tim, for standing firm for what is right. I do not support ANY changes to immigration law until the border has been secured. It is true that we already have laws on the books that have not been enforced....shame on us!

    John Godwin: Thank you for not caving to pressure and agreeing to support a bad bill. Please do not allow this bill to pass.

    Columbia: Thanks mr scott...we need more like you who want to do the right thing

    Clare and Bill Richter: No more 1,000-page bills. No more bills that the Senators have not read before voting on them. No votes on life-changing legislation without a 30-Day opportunity for the people to read the bill. The Immigration bill should be divided into shorter,readable pieces of legislation.

    Ralph Bailey: Until the border is secure-NOTHING else should even be discussed.Keep up the good work !

    Ben Sumrell: Please do not vote for this Trojan Horse, the borders need to be secured and the bill must not pass as written. We are being led astray,DO NOT VOTE FOR THIS BILL SENATOR. Thank you

    Lilly Bartell: Thank you Senator Scott for demanding SECURITY before Amnesty which this bill is really all about; not for improving the current Immigration process. This bill also rewards the democrats with a broader voting base. The amendment that passed today guarantees 40,000 security agents that will be handpicked by the democrats therefore getting more UNION DUES which will be used as contributions to the Democrat Party. This is a truly horrific scenario that seems to be getting worse each day. NO IMMIGRATION LEGISLATION should be passed under this current administration! Keep strong, you are the only senator we have fighting against this insane bill.

    Larry R. Page: Increasing security will not do anything if we don't have a fast means to deport all those caught and it just becomes another round of "catch and release". But thank you for what you have tried to do so far. 75% continued immigration rate after this proposed bill is no improvement.

    Ron Peavey: Please do not vote for the immigration bill designed by the democrats and agreed on by Lindsey Graham, Marko Rubio and all the other republicans who have forgotten who they serve. We're talking about illegal,law breakers who can get more help than someone who has paid taxes all their life. Build the fence and no free ride.

    Joan K: I truly respect that you are standing your ground under what I can only assume is tremendous pressure to give in on this issue. It is imperative that the border be secured before ANY other provisions be considered. I agree with Virginia - why not just enforce the laws on the books. Stand strong!

    Bob Gissell: Thanks for standing strong against the immigration bill. Please DO NOT give in.

    Alabama guest: Thank you for standing for right. I am 76 yr old wf, live in south Alabama. Illegal immigrants had overburdened our infrastructure and social services. Alabama's Immigration Law help control some problems. States Rights should prevail if the federal government will not enforce Immigration laws on the book. Hold the line. "NO" to Amnesty. Secure our borders, land, sea and air. You were elected by South Carolina, vote their wishes. Protect us; Americans. Thank you for including me in your newsletter.

    Glen Talley: Thank you for being our voice, I too oppose this gang of eight band aid attempt at making things with immigration look and sound better, when in fact it will only get worst. You have become our Senator that actually listens to his people, I have written numerous communications to our other Senator and he still wants to push through this travesty. Keep up the good fight. Glen

    Frank: Thank you for your stand AGAINST s.744. Our American citizens need the jobs. We currently have and have had for some years LAWS requiring secure borders. The current proposed amenments weaken current laws. Require enforcement of current laws before further discussions of immigration reform.

    New Carolinian: Thanks for being on top of this issues. True verification of security and enforcement first is the only way.

    Anne Hochreiter: Thank you for being our voice when we are not there. This is ridiculous to let these people stay here after they broke our laws coming in the first place. I wish they would send them all back and let the legal ones come in the right way. I know that probably will not happen so from here on out anyone who does come in illegally will not stay and will be sent back to their home country and never have another chance of coming to the USA. Any of their relatives children or others will also have to leave and never return. I pray that you all come up with something to stop the ones from coming here and taking our country for granted. They are the ones who ignore our laws, rob our people, and take advantage of the freedoms our forefathers gave their lives for as well as our military and law enforcement that continue to do so to this day. God Bless you.

    Patricia Stewart: Amnesty bill gives incredible amount of powerto DHS and Napalitono who is as untrustworthy as the rest of this administration. No fence with this bill and it demands border agents have sensitivity training. 75% of illegal traffic across border continues with Amnesty bill. Please do not let this bill pass!

    Gail Emerson: Senator Scott, please continue to oppose passage of this bill. We must secure our border first and there should be no amnesty for the people who have broken our laws and entered this country illegally. This is a bad bill and our representatives need to go back to the drawing board and come up with a viable plan for immigration reform. Thank you for standing up for what is right and what is in the best interest of not only your constituents but every legal American citizen. This bill needs to be defeated.

    Jane Barton: Thank you for holding firm on this one that the borders must be closed for a period of time before we take nay steps to any form of amnesty. I cannt supportr a system that allows amnesty now and secures the border later. Any form of this is a deal breaker for me.

    Vicki Blackstone: Secure the border first! Please continue to make this your priority for the people of South Carolina and our nation. I know there must be pressure from Mr. Graham and fellow Republicans who are crying for compromise, but please, Sir, do not compromise. As a man of character and integrity stand firmly, and we will stand strongly behind you

    Kay C: Congress must maintain its authority in this whole matter because Congress is supposed to represent the will of the citizens of the United States as the deliberative law-making body. The Executive Branch must not have unilateral power to decide if the national borders are secure. Solidly define a secure border. Secure it. Monitor it for 6 months. THEN forward, NOT with blanket amnesty for all but with a narrower solution. There is NO LOGICAL, LEGAL REASON to rush to a July 4th passage. Please help to stop the rush to the passage of a deeply flawed bill.

    Dezi: I agree 1000%. It is common sense to me that if you have a sovereign country you must have border control and know who is coming and going. We have been here before with promises of border control and it did not happen. I do not trust this administration to determine the border is secure. In fact, I believe they have no intention of securing the border.

    Chad Weaver: I don't understand how people can disagree with such a common sense approach. Thank you Mr. Scott.

    David J Troxel: Senator Scott. I read your views on this subject, and I cant imagine anything better then you spelled out here. I am a Southern Californian, transplated into South Florida for 11 years, now living in South China as I try to defeat cancer in my body. I cant think of any better way to put it then you have done here. It sounds great. After securing the borders, and implementing the needed changes to the current laws, we need to think about how to retain the (needed) professionals we now have, and will have in the future. China has been doing that now for several years. As the government (slowly) changes, they are putting pressure on the educational system to increase the volume of graduates in Math, Science, Space Exploration, and other important areas. For several years, former President Hu has been calling back all of these professionals who fled to western countries for better wages, working conditions, and lifestyles. This seems to be working, because many have (and are) returning to China, and leaving the USA and other western countries. Their gain - our loss.

    Ralph Short: First, this is a great way to communicate with our representatives and I applaud you for setting this up. Second, you have my support on the vital issue of immigration. Thanks for your efforts in this area.

    Julie Wilson: Failure of the current Senate bill is our only glimmer of hope for restoring Americans' faith in government. The current bill will NOT end our problems with illegal immigration since it doesn't insist on a secure border FIRST -- before anything else is done. If we pass yet another bill that pretends to stop the influx of illegals then I believe Americans will lose all hope (if there is any remaining) in resolving this problem. So thank you, Senator Scott, for your stand on this issue. You are doing the right thing. I believe we must also create harsher penalties for employers who hire undocumented workers -- we have to get serious about removing some of the "incentives" that illegals have for crossing the border!

    Frances Wrght: Borders must be secured first. Then issue work visas, not citizenship to all who came here illegally.

    vincent burke: Well done, senator. Don not let the likes of Lindsey Graham roll you.

    George Griffin: I agree with you. We need to secure our borders now. Please do every thing you can to make this our first priority.

    Robert Hornak: Thank you for all you do. Keep up the good work. You have my (and neighbors) full support on this important issue.

    Danny O Storey: Good go secure our borders and stand up for gun rights if not only bad guys will have guns

    Denise: God Bless - keep fighting for us!

    Debbie: I am constantly assured that I voted for the right man. Keep up the good work.

    Tom Barnett: There are already laws on the books which require border security and 700 milesw of new fences on our southern border. I agree wholeheartedly that we secure the border first, then deal with the illegal immigrants already here. If the administration won't enforce the current laws, what makes us think they will enforce new laws??? Thank you for representing your constituents and for doing what is best for our country.

    Patricia McCallum: Secure the border first and enforce the immigration laws we already have. Do not vote for the bill that basically gives amnesty and benefits to millions of illegals who will never comply with the so-called steps to citizenship.

    Lys: Scott, your approaches are great, I am in complete agreement with you, but I heard that the border security plan (based on last Senate Floor meeting) was ready to be implemented BEFORE starting legalization, it seems to me it means a militarization of the border securing including unarmed drones for survilliance, extra personnel that just have to start working and fencing for the places that do not have any. How long do you think this shold take to be implemented?. I heard the double fence ammendment was not approved, that Ms. Napolitano is a "little mistaken" by saying nothing needs to be done and Congress needs to be consulted, being the legislature of this Country. I don't know if the "no voting" ammendment from Senator Raund Paul were approved, since we are facing so much politization of the Law and the possibility of holding the border securing might be for "cheap labor and labor exploitation". What confuses as is that!

    Jim Lyons: Senator, Please stick to your guns on this. The 1986 immigration bill was a disaster because there was no border security clause only a promise to achieve that later. That never happened and we now have an additional 8 million or so illegals. everybody says something different every day.

    James A. Rodgers, Sr.: I am against any new immigration legislation before the existing laws pertaining to this subject has been completely enforced. The white house and the homeland security head has stated they will not enforce border laws already on the books, so what good is more laws (words). We, as a nation of laws, need to protect our nation by enforcing them. Congress is suppose to make SURE that the executive branch carries out them (this is called oversight). That is the bedrock of the constitution. Thanks for your service; Jim Rodgers

    Robert Webber: I am not in favor of granting amnesty or allowing the current illegals residents to continue being used as cheap labor. I think this bill has been shoved through the Senate which I believe as the founders have intended is a body for deliberation and thought. I think a filibuster might be prudent to slow down the process and to focus the attention on border security not amnesty.

    George Repity: The Border must be secured before anything can happen as far as Immigration is concerned. No Country can allow people to enter when ever they feel like. I worked hard my whole life and now these people come in and get assistance from the Gov. that I paid for with my taxes. I say NO to that. No bringing in extended Families either.

    Cliff Obermeyer: Keep up the good work. Stand firm. We need to protect our border and stop illegals from coming in to the U. S. We need to get that done before any other immigration laws change.

    Robert P Worst: I just hope you can convince Senator Graham of your position. I would urge you to vote against any bill that does not secure the border first and that any path to citizenship would be at least 10 years and only after the border has been certified as secure by an independent,impartial body. A body not selected by the president.

    Richard White: Tim. Thank you for your stand on fixing the border problems first as we tried doing it the other way and obviously it did not prove effective. Let us try to enforce the laws we do have and not reward those who feel above the law including those who take the oath to defend the constitution ,but do not.

    John Hallman: Thank you for your servioe to the citizens of South Carolina (and to the Republic at large) standing against the corrupt establishment politicians. We need to turn away from the road where others will dictate our path in life!

    mark kay draper: Thank you Senator. Please continue the fight for closed borders FIRST.

    Barry DeLoache: Thank you Sir! We need look no further than the fact that it took 1000+ pages to create this bill to know it is pure garbage. Now Corker's amendment keeps them in line even after they continue to violate the law.

    Linda Anderson: Please vote against this bill. This is the same way we got Obamacare that is going to ruin our healthcare system. Promises are made and never kept by the Dems. We must first address border security and start enforcing the laws already on the books. Until and unless that is done, not promised, we should not go a step further. The Dems are looking for more voters and business is looking for cheap labor, which spells more unemployment for U.S. citizens.

    Teri S.: Yes, yes, yes! You get it!

    Rodney: Continue to be bold and strong, people are yearning for the truth. This immigration bill as written and amended if passed will mean the influx of upwards of 50 million low skilled workers and family members into our country. This must be stopped at all cost. Senator never trust a progressive! Thank you for telling it like it is, we have your back here in SC. God Bless!

    MM: Thank you. You are restoring my faith in Congress. Common sense has been missing for too long.

    gary whiteleather: Enforce the laws already on the books. Limit all legislation to 30 pages. Require all senators and representatives to read and initial all pages personally. Require all bills be written in plain English at the 9th grade level.

    Glen Little: Thank you for standing up for what is right. We have illegals in this country now because the existing laws were not enforced. Enforce the existing laws, deport all illegals and let them reenter, after a waiting period, the legal way. We do not need to harbor more criminals. by granting them amnesty.

    Ann Beddingfield: Please do NOT pass this bill. We cannot afford this bill.

    Nancy Odam: Dear Senator Scott, THANK YOU!!!!! You are a breath of fresh air in the polluted stench that lingers around the majority of politicians. They have forgotten their purpose. I have followed you from the beginning and you give me hope. PLEASE do not allow yourself to sell out ever!!!! I completely agree with every aspect of your stand on each item. Right now the Immigration Reform issue is extremely serious. I agree your viewpoint on the immigration bill and hope that will be the bill that is passed. Also, I want to see resolve with what happened in Benghazi. This should not be swept under the carpet. Again, thank you for the brilliant work you are doing. God bless you in your service to His Kingdom and on this earth.

    Linda Caswell: Thank you for keeping us informed and for voting with us on this bill. You are absolutely right. Keep up the great work you do.

    Carole: You are correct. Secure the border first. When I voted for you, it was the first time, in a very long time, that I truly felt good when casting a vote. You are a great patriot and we appreciate your courage to stand for the right thing. God bless you.

    Alice Gray: Tim, thank you for standing for those ideas that reflect the way I & my family think. We already have laws on the books that just need to be enforced. If completing a border fence between the US & Mexico, then build the fence and secure the border, then maybe discuss changes to EXISTING laws on the books. Thanks again, Tim

    AmericaBeautiful: Dear Senator Scott: It is amazing to me that there actually are Senators, educated people, who refuse to understand what you so simply and eloquently said "...If we don’t focus on the cause – lax border security and enforcement of current laws – we cannot hope to stop the effect." This simple message must be loudly proclaimed. Thank you for saying it!

    paul crunkleton: we are really kidding ourselves that we can actually secure the southern borders to such a point that illegal people will come across. Must not possible. Furthermore we will ,in my opinon, start this process to give legal status to those currently in the country illgeally much ,much ,sooner than any completion of border security. That is the way these things seem to happen in the bubble world of Washington. So what we have to decide is; how much value will be get ,as a country to start the process to legalize people before we come even close to border security. That boils down to dollars and cents, in my mind.

    Wade Calhoun: First I am an American and I cannot get a job in any part of our Government unless I can speak Spanish. As for as I am aware we are an American English speaking Country and we should not have to bow down to any emigrant or illegal person because they don't an wont speak our language. Second If we would close all bases over seas and bring our troops home and put them on the borders with orders too shoot first, then maybe we can secure our borders. Ever illegal person that is caught knows that they will be treated like kings and fed and receive medical are if needed before being sent back to their country of origin ,all paid for with my tax dollar. They have nothing too loose trying to come over here and the people who hire them should be prosecuted If They Know that there is a chance of being shot trying to cross into our country they will eventually quit trying and if the people that hire them would be prosecuted for hiring them then there reason for c! oming here would stop. As long as the bleeding heart liberals run this country then it will eventually be taken over and turned into another third world country.

    Jack: Having watched you interview on Fox news with Greta and your blogs, I am proud of the stand you are taking. Keep up the good work and the pressure to get things done right.

    jay b spry: Please, Senator Scott, simply support a clean, honest immigration policy that physically secures the borders, deports illegals and offers a simple, comprehensible method for those seeking to become Americans to do so. -and no more apologies for America wanting to defend its territorial integrity. No other nation on earth is expected to do so

    Cynthia McBride: Tim, you are right on target for us! Securing the borders is a mandatory first step, and anything that precedes that just makes our immigration problems worse! Thank you for standing strong!

    Trudy Martin: I am so proud of you, Senator Scott, and your clear understanding of all the current issues. Personally, you have exceeded all my expectations since being elected. Please continue to stand against this potentially harmful immigration bill.

    John F Parker: Thank you for being one of the few "representatives" of the people that has the courage to learn the facts and state the truth about sensitive issues. You also propose and support reasonable alternatives to the ridiculous proposals that you must deal with. Thank you for your courage.

    Ron Abel: I agree with your position. Hang tough and the GOP will come back from the damage that Obama has created our country.

    John: Anyone that questions your wisdom or accuracy on this issue need only look at the results of the Simpson-Mazzoli amnesty bill signed by Reagan in 1986. It was supposed to do the same thing as this current proposal. The reality is it did nothing to slow illegal immigration - in fact, it encouraged others to illegally enter the country in the hope of a free ride. Illegal immigrants flooded the country and there were no lasting benefits to anyone other that the law breakers that were rewarded with the earnings of the honest working people.

    Nancy: I appaud your courage. Please stand firm and do not vote for this bill if border security is not addressed first.

    Ronnie Brooks: Please do not vote for it,because you could not help me when I ask you to get one item wade on my I800A requirement ,so I could bring my two new daughters here under the Hague program. So again do not help them who break the law, because you could not help me and I was doing it by the law

    Jane Norton: Thank you and bless you for continuing to adhere to your conservative views/values/beliefs. We need MORE public servants with your devotion to duty and honest representation of their constituents. Please continue to VOTE AGAINST the amnesty/immigration bill. It will do forever harm to the GOP and to our country. The bill compares to the size of the Obamacare bill (there is no way to know everything in it, etc.). It honestly gives illegals more benefits (not being bound by the horrible Obamacare bill for one) and will allow illegals to take legal Americans' jobs. I realize you know more about this bill than I. I just ask that you continue to vote AGAINST and fight AGAINST this atrocity. I honestly don't know how you serve along side Senator Graham. He is a disgrace to his constituents. We are so thankful for YOU! This is ANOTEHR travesty to our nation. Stay strong, thank you and God bless

    George Resnick: The present bill, as presented and amended so far, is an incredible insult to the hard working, tax paying citizens of South Carolina and the rest of our great country. We need fully secured borders (not just at the whim or discretion of Sec.Napolitano/DHS) before we consider changing immigration laws. Present illegals are lawbreakers that need to get at the back of the line and pay a real fine (not the $500 slap on the wrist proposed), back taxes/penalties and re-pay all benefits they have illegally received from this country. Allowing this bill to pass will be just another nail in the coffin of this great country. Senator Scott, thanks for your conservative representation for the people of this state and country.

    Joseph Czermak: Thank you for standing for everything I do.The "Rino's" don't understand what the Dems are trying to pull=off here. Without a secure border,Not Obama secure,but SECURED the bill should be defeated.Illegals come in the form of Terrorists(Boston Bombers). If you are ever in N.J. you are welcome to diner.I have some great Omaha Steaks.

    Greg Nicholas: Let's talk about what this is really about, what the RNC doesn't want is more Democratic voters anywhere, which is what immigrants represent to Republicans. As long as your appearing on FOX and towing the party line, no one who has critical thinking stills will take you seriously. SC does not need another DeMint.

    LYNNE CARVER: We are a country with an open border. Not only let these people in but giving away our hard working americans money to people that came here not to enhance our country but to dwindle our services,meant for hard working americans. I can not even believe we are in such a ridiculous situation. What other country anywhere would create such a mess? Time to stop is now, thank you Tim,good luck

    Frank Johnson: You continue to make me glad that I voted for you and if you; you continue to keep up the good work I'll vote for you again. On immigration, I 100% support the "Secure the border first" approach. without it the rest is doomed to fail.

    Taylor Sinclair: Why not mine the border & patrol it with armed drones? This would be more cost effective than walls. Also set a date, say 6 months then if you are found in the U.S. illegally then 1 Year work camp before deportation!

    Linda Johnson: Thank you for your views on the immigration issue. Amnesty will reward those who break our laws. Please help secure our borders.

    Michael Russell: No amnesty. Enforce current laws. Hold employers accountable to verify. If no jobs illegals the will return home. ENFORCE CURRENT LAWS

    Lori Isaacs: Thank you! Until these things are done, I can expect your vote to be No?

    Georgette L.: I expect you to vote NO on the final passage of S744. If the borders have NOT been secured since the time this became an issue, it isn' very likely to happen at all. Anyone voting for this disaster of a Bill is Anti-America,pure & simple.

    Judy Faircloth: There never seems to be a hurry in Washington. Why now are we suppose to believe anyone has thought this situation through. We know the borders are not controlled or we would not have the millions of illegals here already who are threatening the well being of legal Americans who speak English, work, and pay taxes. Please do not vote for this until we have control of the people who are coming here to enjoy what we have worked and fought for.

    Tom Raub: This is a terrible bill. Please fervently oppose it and talk to your colleagues from SC in the House and urge them to urge John Boehner to simply ignore the bill in the House all together. This must not be allowed to pass!

    Marvin Sineath: I prefer the idea of finishing the border fence completely before any action of any kind be taken, other than to enforce current laws. I also agree that it should be in place at least 6 months before any action under consideration now be considered!!

    John Sikes: Thanks for standing up for your convictions, Senator. We need more of your compatriots to do the same and make our country once more ethe great Land of the Free and Home of the Brave that it once was. As long as those who work support those who do not, as is now the case, we are in Trouble with a Capiital "T".

    Florence: We have been thru this many times before, and granting amnesty to those who breached our sovereignty only encourages future invasions. I think all illegals should lose their financial support and jobs and they will self deport. All immigration laws on the book should be enforced, then have a discussion about levels of legal immigration for this country, not amnesty. The gang of 8 put together a bill that sends a powerful message that these men should not be in politics. There is nothing in that bill that is good for America...but, everything that works for illegals...who are law breakers! That bill says a lot about the gang of 8!

    Shelton Brunson: God bless and thank you, Tim Scott. you were a good rep; you are a good Senator. Hold the line on conservatism and restoring America, upholding the constitution. Wish you had a twin we could run next year against our rino Senator.

    Cynthia Nowack: Why should we believe promises about securing the border in the future (and only if Janet Napolitano deems it appropriate) when existing laws have been ignored for years?? This whole disgraceful bill should be defeated.

    Private: I have read comments written by Tea Party members from time to time as they railed against government spending. The history of government spending only for the poor, disabled and minors dates back to the 19th century when citizens concluded that private charities and churches were unable to organize and handle the crux and enormity of this issue. At that point, citizens asked their government to help and government responded affirmatively. I want government to continue its historical, organizational role in the efficient, budgeted care of our people and our borders.

    Richard Molea: Thank you for "Doing the Right" and not continuing to listen to the same being made promise for the past 25 years.

    Joel Arenson: Right on Tim!!! I still put the blame for the immigration fiasco on the shoulders of Congress. They passed the immigration laws in the first place but have failed to assure that the laws on the books were enforced. They have also failed to enforce border security and a host of other laws that they have passed through the years. You have 550 individuals who fail miserably at running our Country and this is the same group of people that we are now looking at for fixing the problems that they have created!! Give me a break. We need term limits for Senators and Representatives so that we the people can get the incompetents out of office even though their constituents see fit to reelect them year after year. It's these pompous fools with seniority who hold leadership positions that are destroying America.

    Dave Ryan: Thanks for representing the conservative view. I agree wholeheartedly that border security should come first. I am a little skeptical of your 6 month period for demonstration. That seems a little short and would rather see couple years to make sure that security is in fact in place and not some seasonal variation,other fluctuation, or just doctoring the stats. The other aspect of this reform is enforcement on employers that knowingly hire or harbor the illegal immigrants. That was another thing that was supposed to happen under the Reagan reforms but "fell through the cracks."

    Elaine Magliacane: Tim, You get it... if only more Senators in Washington DC had your clarity of purpose and moral fiber... we might not be in nearly as much trouble these days. Thank you for standing strong... the people of SC and dare I say the citizens of the USA appreciate your stance.

    Walter & Linda Murphy: Thank you for voting nay on the senate bill today. Any immigration bill that will leave the securing of the border in the hands of Homeland Security is a joke. That has been proven beyond a doubt in the last few years. No amnesty until that border is secure and the people on expired visas are heading home. Thank you for your conservative stand on this and other issues.

    Grover C. Darby Jr.: Tim I agree that are borders should be secured. What will happen to the status of those in our country that want to be a US citizen? If this immigration bill is defeated, does it leave them without any hope?

    Larry & Diana Larkins: I'm proud of the job that you are doing, keep up the good work, your views represent the majority of South Carolina.

    Ted Murray: Thank you for voting against this monstrosity. It's up to Boehner to bury this legislation until we get a Conservative Senate. G_D willing the next mid term election will give us the Senate we need!

    Julie Ward: Thank you for understanding the need for border security. I do not believe that we should reward those who entered our country unlawfully by providing them with any special treatment. They had the same opportunity to enter the U.S. legally as other immigrants have in the past, and they chose not to do so. Please speak with Sen. Graham, I do not believe he is currently representing the best interests of the great state of SC.

    Tom Matthews: Thank you, Senator, for voting against this bill! The amendments you listed would go a long way toward fixing the problem. Please continue to work to implements the provisions listed in these amendments.

    Tom Paige: Please do not vote for this bill. You are the only true republican on SC.

    Carol Huggins: Thank you! Keep up the good work.

    Tony Zack: Thank you for not supporting this immigration bill. Please continue to stand up for your constituents. The republican party has become a party with no fortitude anymore. Our nation is in grave jeopardy, it is time to do what is right for the nation and not back down on issues that can't be compromised on.

    David Queen: Thank you for voting NO on this bill. Border security must come first. Existing law already on the books need to be followed. We need strong conservative voices in DC, please don't allow DC to change your values as it seems to have for Sen. Graham!

    Bill Coffey: Please Secure our Boarders. Lets call undocumented aliens as they are ILLEGAL ALIENS. They violated our law and should have to return to there homeland and then after 12 months apply to return to the United States and work toward becoming as US Citizen. I am not against anyone for wanting to become a US Citizen without violating our laws. Tim Scott please do not give into allowing Illegal Alien to remain in the United State of America and get Citizen ship.

    Melissa: Thank you for standing strong for the values and conservative thinking we believe in for SC and our country. So proud to have you represent us!

    Kurt: Thank you for standing strong on this issue. We must secure the border first!

    Jimmy Lane: Sen Scott, I appreciate your logic and reasoning behind your "no" vote on the comprehensive immigration bill. Not only would this legislation not fix the current problem but it would exacerbate it through chain migration. To paraphrase Milton Friedman: you cannot have open borders and a welfare state. Enforcing existing laws, eliminating welfare benefits for illegal aliens and revoking birth right citizenship for the children of illegal aliens will go along way toward fixing our current immigration mess. Thanks again for your leadership on this issue.

    PJ Loss: I applaud your efforts to stall the immigration bill until such time that can perform the most important job of border security. The "gang of 8" seems to have a severe case of "rectal cranium inversion" on the issue. We tried their way in the Regan years and it failed miserably.

    Thomas Weslager: Its no secret with the American public that we need to close our southern border, not just for job loss but the billions it costs us to give them benefits and especially for the safety of the American people. A few weeks ago an drunk illegal ran his car into a group of emergency responders that were rescuing several people involved in a car crash. Numerous people were transported to the hospital and one firefighter is still there, he has lost his leg has severe head trauma but will live, his career is over though because of this illegal, What has to be done to fix this, the American people know but Washington refuses to act, politicians put there career ahead of whats right. Tim I am not a fan of most politicians but if someone ran for President and said he wants to go back to the basics and remind people what it means to be an American he would be a shoe in. Take some notes from Reagan, the last President that made us feel that way. Its about time politicians do whats right and not whats right for themselves, its the American people that are suffering, not them

    Larry Hester:  Senator Scott - Thank you for your common sense approach. We do need to secure the borders but my engineering background tells me that six months worth of data is is not sufficient.  Two to three years would keep the government from fudging or falsifying  numbers.  Beside securing the border we need to stop providing so many incentives for people to come into this country illegally  since at the present time they know if they get here they will probably be able to stay and within a short number of years receive all of the entitlements and benefits that legal American citizens receive including bringing their family with them at a later date. E verify would help. I do not believe increasing the number of H1B visas for engineering types is necessary. Having children who recently received post graduate degrees in Engineering who took more than one year to get an offer tells me their is no shortage of Engineering talent at the present. Many engineers are unemplo!

    yed or underemployed at the present as recent polls have shown. Agriculture OK.  When we have full employment  once again the numbers can be increased.I know you are under tremendous pressure from Obama, the group of eight and hi-tech owners of Facebook, Microsoft,etc. Present situation was created by Obama  to force the issue so they could get something passed before November.   Hold your ground and do not pass anything until after the November elections.          

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