Making Dreams a Reality, Looking to the Future, and Honoring Our Veterans

Aug 1, 2016

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Education Makes Dreams A Reality
As my good friend Trey Gowdy likes to say, education is the closest thing to magic we have here in America. We need to ensure that every student across the nation has access to a quality education. So many indicators – from unemployment to incarceration rates to average lifetime earnings – are directly linked to educational achievement.

My Opportunity Agenda, which includes the CHOICE Act, focuses on this very important issue. The CHOICE Act gives parents a greater say in what schools their children will attend and ensures that the children are instructed in an environment that suits them personally, no matter their parents’ economic status. I will continue to work hard on this matter, to build a brighter future for our children.

Let’s Talk About Our Future
Last week, I had the chance to visit the Charleston Metro Chamber and discuss issues such as our economy and national security. You can click here to read more!

Honoring Our Desert Shield and Desert Storm Veterans
The men and women who have served in our armed forces deserve to be recognized for their willingness to defend our country against those who would harm us. On August 27th, I will host Desert Shield and Desert Storm Honor Ceremonies in Greenville and Charleston. Since being elected to federal office, I have hosted several honor ceremonies for South Carolina’s veterans in an effort to show appreciation for all that they and their families have sacrificed. In 2012, World War Two veterans were honored, in 2013, I held two ceremonies celebrating our Korean War era veterans, and in 2014,  our Vietnam War era veterans were honored.

Each veteran will receive a special Senatorial Certificate of Appreciation, as well as a pin. All interested veterans should register with my office by visiting or calling 844-872-7626.

August 27th, 9:00AM
WHO: U.S. Senator Tim Scott
WHAT: Desert Shield and Desert Storm Honor Ceremony
WHEN: August 27th
WHERE: TD Convention Center
1 Exposition Drive
Greenville, SC 29607

August 27th, 3:00PM
WHO: U.S. Senator Tim Scott
WHAT: Desert Shield and Desert Storm Honor Ceremony
WHEN: August 27th
WHERE: Charleston Area Convention Center
5000 Coliseum Drive
North Charleston, SC 29418

It is an honor to host veterans and their families in celebration of their service to our country. I look forward to seeing everyone there!



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