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Tim Scott: What I would tell America in a SOTU address

Monday | June 7, 2021

by Nikolas Lanum

Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., outlined three things he would tell the American people if he was giving his own State of the Union address.

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Sen. Tim Scott: 'Resilient' America's Best Days 'Ahead of Us'

Monday | June 7, 2021

by Charlie McCarthy

America's ability to overcome adversity has shown the country can do "remarkable things,” according to Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C.

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New juvenile justice center in San Bernardino aims to break cycle of recidivism

Thursday | June 3, 2021


Under legislation sponsored by Sen. Tim Scott, R-South Carolina, and Sen. Corey Booker, D-New Jersey, businesses who invest in Qualified Opportunity Zones receive tax benefits — which in this case went to RevOZ Capital, which partnered with the county to build the facility.

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Sen. Tim Scott rips defund police movement: ‘Demonizing officers results in crime spike’

Friday | May 28, 2021

by Stephanie Giang-Paunon

Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., told "The Faulkner Focus" on Thursday that the surge in violent crime is "devastating" and that it’s "expected" when there are growing calls to defund the police. 

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Sen. Tim Scott chides banks for 'woke capitalism' and Georgia election law efforts

Wednesday | May 26, 2021

by Chase Williams

The CEO's of the largest banks in the U.S. were left speechless in testimony before the Senate Banking Committee on Capitol Hill Wednesday when asked by Senator Tim Scott, R-SC to articulate their position on ‘woke capitalism’. 

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Sen. Tim Scott argues that Biden's big spending plans are a 'tax on every American family,' as inflation soars

Tuesday | May 25, 2021

by Danielle Wallace

Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., warned that the Biden administration’s massive government spending is driving up inflation and causing prices of everyday items like food and gas to soar, saying extended unemployment benefits have stymied the labor market, making it harder to convince Americans to get back to work. 

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Sen. Tim Scott: S.1 is not a voting rights bill, it's a partisan power grab that will harm faith in elections

Thursday | May 20, 2021

by Senator Tim Scott

As I prepared to give my response to President Biden’s first Joint Address to Congress last month, I reflected on the state of our country and the issues I most wanted to share with the American people. In order to have a productive conversation about where our country is today, and where we’re headed, we must have honest conversations rooted in common sense.

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Tim Scott won’t wear your left-wing label

Thursday | May 20, 2021

by Salena Zito

NORTH CHARLESTON, South Carolina — All that is left of the lot where Sen. Tim Scott’s house stood on Meeting Street Road is a desolate field filled with dirt, gravel, and mounds of weed-choked grass. The poverty and crime rates in this neighborhood are consistently higher than the national averages. Some people, says Scott, call it a “nobody zone.”

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World’s 50 Greatest Leaders

Wednesday | May 12, 2021

Rank 25: Tim Scott

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Biden ignoring Republican bipartisan efforts, forcing progressive policies: Sen. Tim Scott

Tuesday | May 11, 2021

by Sen. Tim Scott

There should be debate over what commonsense, common-defined infrastructure looks like. As I said in my response to President Joe Biden's joint address to Congress, Republicans support everything you think of when you think of “infrastructure.” Roads, bridges, ports, airports, waterways, high-speed broadband – we’re all in. 

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Updating the aging infrastructure in Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Thursday | May 6, 2021

by Sen. Tim Scott and Rep. Alma Adams

A good investment has many characteristics: low risk, high returns, appreciation over time, and positive externalities. We believe that our bill, the IGNITE HBCU Excellence Act, represents that kind of opportunity for both our Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and the American people. The IGNITE HBCU Excellence Act will be one of the most transformative pieces of legislation for Historically Black Colleges and Universities in history.

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Tim Scott says "significant numbers" of Republicans willing to support police reform

Sunday | May 2, 2021


South Carolina Senator Tim Scott said Sunday that he has heard from many of his Republican colleagues who are willing to support his efforts to craft a compromise on police reform. The Republican senator, who says he has experienced being racially profiled by police, is working with a bipartisan group of lawmakers to negotiate reform legislation.

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Tim Scott’s GOP Revival Message

Thursday | April 29, 2021

The worst job in Washington is delivering the out-of-power party’s rebuttal to a President’s address to Congress. Invariably the poor soul looks small in comparison to a President addressing all branches of government and the American people from the well of the House. Until Tim Scott.

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Sen. Tim Scott delivers for the GOP — and for the nation

Thursday | April 29, 2021

Kudos to Sen. Tim Scott for his slam-dunk response to President Joe Biden’s speech Wednesday night, calling out the president’s hypocrisy and demanding he start walking the “unity” walk.

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If Biden is serious about bipartisanship, he can start with Sen. Tim Scott

Thursday | April 29, 2021

by Jon Gabriel

Scott’s response Wednesday focused on real-world unity. He noted that the GOP Senate passed five bipartisan COVID-19 packages last year with 90 or more votes in the Senate. “Common sense found common ground,” Scott said.

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Big announcement!

Monday | April 26, 2021

Sen. Tim Scott predicts the economy will 'explode' later this year

Saturday | April 17, 2021

by Marisa Schultz

Sen. Tim Scott offered a very optimistic view of a post coronavirus economy and predicted tremendous growth in the second half of 2021. 

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Gov. McMaster, Sen. Scott celebrate ongoing Volvo Car Stadium revamp project

Sunday | April 11, 2021

by Matt Dillane

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster, Senator Tim Scott and other figures came together on Sunday morning to kick off the final construction phase of the new Volvo Car Stadium.

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TIM SCOTT: ‘Virtue Signaling is to Pretend to Love, It’s Not Actually Caring, Though’

Wednesday | April 7, 2021

Senator Tim Scott weighed-in Wednesday on the state of America’s culture and the rise of virtue signaling in modern life; calling the act “pretending to love but not actually caring.”

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Sen. Tim Scott wants to lift SC high school students out of poverty with internship

Monday | April 5, 2021

by Caitlin Byrd

Now a U.S. Senator representing South Carolina, Scott on Monday announced a new internship program that he hopes will offer high school students in his home state another path.

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