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Sen. Tim Scott: Lawmakers plan to have a detailed tax reform proposal done by Thanksgiving

Thursday | October 26, 2017

“So we’re going to have to go through the process of understanding and appreciating the impact that will have on our ability to lower taxes for the average, hard-working person in the middle class,” he said.

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Sen. Tim Scott: Tax plan reduces burden on American workers

Thursday | October 19, 2017

SCOTT: Well, I think we're in good shape with the budget. We will have the 51 votes to get it passed, so that we can get to tax reform, which really is the biggest opportunity we have to help hardworking Americans keep more of their money.

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Senator Tim Scott Emerges as GOP's Secret Weapon to Sell Tax Reform to Everyday Voters

Wednesday | October 11, 2017

Scott, a conservative Republican from the South, is uniquely positioned for the task of messaging the bill. Scott is a tax policy enthusiast. His first bill in the House of Representatives prior to his Senate promotion was a tax reform bill. It earned him a spot on the Senate Finance Committee, which has jurisdiction over tax legislation. He is one of a few senators who have regular meetings to discuss the issue with Speaker Ryan.

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Scott recounts his journey to God at FCA banquet in Greenwood

Wednesday | October 11, 2017

by Adam Benson

Football was going to be his way out — but not as a Blue Hose. As a child, Timothy Eugene Scott grew up in working-class poverty alongside his two brothers while his mother, Frances, logged 16 hour days to raise her family. Scott, who is South Carolina’s first black U.S. Senator, developed a knack for the game in high school and was on a path toward success when fate intervened in the summer of 1981.

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GOP senators renew effort to bridge US racial divide with 'Solution Sundays'

Tuesday | October 10, 2017

Republican Sens. James Lankford (Okla.) and Tim Scott (S.C.) are continuing their efforts to break down racial barriers within the United States by encouraging American households to share a Sunday meal with a family of a different race — an effort they dubbed "Solution Sundays."

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'Welcome home': Community unites to dedicate home to war vet, family

Monday | October 9, 2017

The Marine’s story is one that not only touched the Summerville area but also made news at the U.S. Capitol where a flag was flown in his honor, thanks to U.S. Sen. Tim Scott. Because the legislator was unable to attend Monday’s dedication, he sent a representative from his office to speak on his behalf and honor the Brooking family.

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47 years later, SC Vietnam Veteran receives 10 medals

Friday | October 6, 2017

A South Carolina Vietnam veteran was awarded with 10 medals he should have received 47 years ago. US Senator Tim Scott presented Sgt. Willie Norwood with the medals which include a purple heart and bronze star.

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Upstate Vietnam vet receives Purple Heart, Bronze Star, 8 other medals decades after war

Friday | October 6, 2017

It took three years to get the medals confirmed, but then they were lost in the mail. Norwood tried to track them down to no avail, and that's when he contacted U.S. Sen. Tim Scott's office. Scott's office got a new set of medals issued, and Scott pinned them on Norwood during a morning ceremony at the Clemson Military Heritage Plaza.

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Senators unveil bipartisan criminal justice reform package

Wednesday | October 4, 2017

A broad coalition of senators lined up Wednesday behind the bill, including Republican Sens. Mike Lee of Utah, Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott of South Carolina, Jeff Flake of Arizona, Roy Blunt of Missouri, and Democratic Sens. Dianne Feinstein of California, Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, Patrick Leahy of Vermont and Cory Booker of New Jersey.

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South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott tells Equifax CEO the 'pure luck' of executive stock-sales timing 'hard to believe'

Wednesday | October 4, 2017

U.S. Sen. Tim Scott doubted Wednesday that Equifax executives had no knowledge of a massive data breach that affected more than 145 million people when they chose 48 hours later to sell their shares in the company for nearly $2 million.

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Senators Rip Credit-Reporting Model in Wake of Equifax Breach

Wednesday | October 4, 2017

Sen. Tim Scott (R., S.C.) said the executives must have been “the luckiest investors…to sell the stock at the best price,” before it dropped significantly after Equifax disclosed the breach.

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Information session on military academy nomination process on Friday

Thursday | September 21, 2017

This Friday, Sen. Tim Scott's three South Carolina offices will hold open information sessions regarding the military academy nomination process.… Continue Reading

Federal flood insurance is stressed as South Carolina forces seek reforms

Sunday | August 27, 2017

PEW worked with Scott on a bill to require flood-prone communities to consider and invest in protections — voluntary homeowner buyouts, better drainage and other infrastructure — or face sanctions. It would provide some federal buy-out money.… Continue Reading

Senator Tim Scott visits North Charleston Head Start program

Tuesday | August 22, 2017

United States Sen. Tim Scott getting into the back-to-school spirit. He visited Mary Ford Child and Family Development Center in North Charleston to hear about its Head Start and Early Head Start programs. Head Start South Carolina is a federal program that promotes school readiness for low-income families.… Continue Reading

Transcript: Sen. Tim Scott on "Face the Nation," August 20, 2017

Sunday | August 20, 2017

Sen. Tim Scott, R-South Carolina, joined "Face the Nation" on Sunday. Scott, the Senate's only black Republican, has called Mr. Trump's comments "indefensible," and said his "moral authority is compromised."… Continue Reading

Sen. Tim Scott: Our country is “more divided” under Trump

Saturday | August 19, 2017

Scott told VICE News about one unintended result of Trump’s response to Charlottesville: “It does not encourage the team to work as hard as we should on those priorities, because there’s so much headwind that you can’t see straight.”… Continue Reading

Sen. Tim Scott: Fight hatred, fear and domestic terror with American ideals

Monday | August 14, 2017

OP-ED: There is nothing "right" about racism and hate. It’s a learned disease, and the best antidote is unity. This weekend’s events involving white supremacist groups are as disturbing and disgusting as they are heartbreaking. The attack was a stark reminder of the darkness of hate. We must come together, as we have before, to confront the issues that chip away at the very foundation of who we are and what we stand for as a country.… Continue Reading

Sen. Tim Scott: 'More impactful' had Trump denounced white supremacists days earlier

Monday | August 14, 2017

In a statement, the South Carolina Republican called Trump's newer remarks "clear and specific," but added "they would have been more impactful on Saturday.… Continue Reading

Republicans to Weigh Surplus of Tax Policy Options

Friday | August 11, 2017

Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina, another Republican on the Finance Committee, has also introduced several bills that could be wrapped into a broader overhaul of the tax code. One measure would provide a federal tax credit to companies that utilize apprenticeship programs. Another aims to bolster private investment in economically disparate regions by creating targeted funding pools.… Continue Reading

Sen. Tim Scott on "hybrid" immigration policy that meets economic, family needs

Thursday | August 3, 2017

A GOP bill to overhaul legal immigration to the U.S. will likely face an uphill battle in Congress. South Carolina Republican Sen. Tim Scott, a member of the Senate Finance Committee and the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, joins "CBS This Morning" from Washington to discuss the realities of immigration reform and the challenges of the GOP health care bill.… Continue Reading

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