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Senate restores education power to states, replacing No Child Left Behind

Wednesday | December 9, 2015

Earlier in the year, Scott attempted to pass an amendment that would allow federal Title I funding to follow low-income students rather than be allotted to low-income schools, but the measure failed… Continue Reading

VIDEO: Retiring Anderson city manager honored at council meeting

Monday | December 7, 2015

Roberts also read the comments that U.S. Sen. Tim Scott entered last week into the Congressional Record thanking Moore for "his efforts that will undoubtedly benefit the citizens of Anderson for years to come."… Continue Reading

Sen. Scott hears from businesses, farmers hurt by flood

Saturday | December 5, 2015

U.S. Sen. Tim Scott held a Senate subcommittee on small business and entrepreneurship hearing Friday in Columbia City Hall.… Continue Reading

Farmers’ concerns about flood recovery highlight Scott’s Senate hearing in Columbia

Friday | December 4, 2015

Concerns about how South Carolina’s farmers will recover from October’s flooding dominated U.S. Sen. Tim Scott’s field hearing on small business recovery on Friday in Columbia … Continue Reading

Sen. Tim Scott visits local veterans

Sunday | November 22, 2015

Sen. Tim Scott visited veterans at Veterans Victory House last Wednesday. … Continue Reading

Letter: Sen. Scott comes through

Wednesday | November 18, 2015

"I want to commend Sen. Scott and his staff for their speedy action in helping me out. He really is one of the good guys."… Continue Reading

Three top prosecutors: Don't send us Guantanamo detainees - AP

Wednesday | November 18, 2015

Top prosecutors in three states reportedly being assessed as potential future homes for Guantanamo Bay detainees are imploring the Obama administration not to send the prisoners to their states.… Continue Reading

U.S. Sen. Tim Scott spends Veterans Day in Hardeeville

Wednesday | November 11, 2015

Scott visited Hardeeville on Wednesday for the city's Veterans Day ceremony. The senator, along with city and county leaders, used the ceremony to honor veterans on this special day and to highlight Hardeeville's own heroes. … Continue Reading

Sen. Scott interviews WW II veteran Cliff Harpst

Wednesday | November 11, 2015

Sen. Tim Scott interviewed Cliff Harpst and posted the video today, Veterans Day, to honor all veterans and people serving in the United States Armed Forces.… Continue Reading

Vietnam focus has impact beyond words

Wednesday | November 11, 2015

As South Carolina U.S. Sen. Tim Scott said of all veterans: "While we pause to remember their work, we must also recommit ourselves to fulfilling the promises our country has made to our veterans -- because they deserve nothing less."… Continue Reading

Senate bill would ban Guantanamo Bay detainees from US

Tuesday | November 10, 2015

“Why in the world you would bring these enemy combatants to domestic soil is mind-boggling. This is absolutely nothing short of gambling national security to keep a campaign promise?” Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., said Monday.… Continue Reading

Senate Bans Transfer of Detainees Held at Guantanamo Bay

Tuesday | November 10, 2015

“Why in the world you would bring these enemy combatants to domestic soil is mind boggling,” said Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.). “This is nothing short of gambling national security to keep a campaign promise.”… Continue Reading

GOP Sens Warn: Gitmo Transfers May Be Placed in Prison “2 to 3 Minutes” from Elementary School

Monday | November 9, 2015

In South Carolina, Scott said the enemy combatants are expected to be transferred to a prison that is just "2 to 3 minutes" from an elementary school and a middle school, as well as more than a dozen churches. The plan is essentially to "bring the world's worst terrorists to a prison near you," he said.… Continue Reading

Sen Scott: Obama "overcooking my grits" on Gitmo decision

Friday | November 6, 2015

Senator Tim Scott believes the president is approaching lawlessness.… Continue Reading

South Carolina's first National Apprenticeship Week now underway

Thursday | November 5, 2015

South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott recently announced that the first National Apprenticeship Week is underway and scheduled to run through Nov. 7. … Continue Reading

Sen. Scott: Obama's latest 'Gitmo announcement 'is overcooking my grits'

Thursday | November 5, 2015

“I just returned from Guantanamo Bay about two weeks ago, and we have created the world’s best location for these enemy combatants – an isolated location surround by water, mountains, and deserts,” Scott said in his remarks. - See more at:… Continue Reading

Tim Scott opposes plan to close Guantanamo Bay prison

Thursday | November 5, 2015

Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., called the military prison in Cuba “the world’s best location for these enemy combatants” and said the Navy's Consolidated Brig military prison outside outside Charleston is not an acceptable alternative.… Continue Reading

OP-ED: Keep Guantanamo Open — the Arguments for Closing It Don’t Add Up

Wednesday | November 4, 2015

Senator Scott wrote an op-ed about his recent trip to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.… Continue Reading

Senator to introduce bill to exempt IRS employees from union

Tuesday | November 3, 2015

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott (R) says he will introduce a bill that would exempt Internal Revenue Service (IRS) employees from collective bargaining and labor organizing… Continue Reading

OP-ED: Stopping sanctuary cities

Monday | November 2, 2015

Senator Scott wrote an op-ed about the need to fix our country's immigration laws and stop sanctuary city policies. … Continue Reading

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