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Tim Scott boosts school choice in CPAC appearance

Friday | March 7, 2014

Focusing on education, the South Carolina Republican drew applause when he told the Conservative Political Action Conference that school choice is a parental right. "Parents, and not bureaucrats in Washington, should decide the path of their child's education," Scott said.… Continue Reading

Tim Scott: ‘When the Parents Have a Choice, the Kids Have a Chance’

Friday | March 7, 2014

“Kids, not unions, should be the focus of our public education,” Scott said, and parents should be free to choose what is best for their child: “When the parents have a choice, the kids have a chance,” he said to applause.… Continue Reading

Sen. Scott Responds to Obama Budget

Wednesday | March 5, 2014

U.S. Sen. Tim Scott said the decision signals a willingness to break an agreement with Russia to dispose of 68 metric tons of weapons-grade plutonium, half of which is in Russia.… Continue Reading

OP-ED: Sen. Tim Scott: I have lived the power of the American Dream

Monday | February 24, 2014

America's economy has the potential to transform lives like no other force on Earth, but too often in recent years we have seen Washington act as an anchor. … Continue Reading

Major insurer brings 450 new jobs to Upstate

Friday | February 21, 2014

"We are excited to welcome Esurance and the 450 jobs they are creating to the Upstate. When I think about our workforce in South Carolina, I think of highly-qualified, hardworking individuals, and I know the people of Greenville will welcome this great news with open arms,” added Senator Tim Scott, who was instrumental in recruiting Esurance to the Upstate.… Continue Reading

Sen. Tim Scott delivers valentines to patients at MUSC Children's Hospital

Friday | February 14, 2014

Pediatric patients at the Medical University of South Carolina Children's Hospital got surprise valentines from U.S. Sen. Tim Scott on Friday.… Continue Reading

Senator Scott's Opportunity Agenda, Q&A with Huffington Post

Wednesday | February 12, 2014

Scott has eased into his role in the Senate, keeping a relatively low profile. He combines a very conservative voting record with more moderate political rhetoric, but what sets him apart from some other Republicans is that he is calling for the GOP to focus its solutions on lower- and middle-class Americans rather than big business.… Continue Reading

South Carolina's U.S. Senators rail against Common Core as "coercion"

Thursday | February 6, 2014

South Carolina's two U.S. senators are teaming up in opposition to Common Core education standards, announcing plans to introduce a resolution denouncing what they say was President Barack Obama's coercion of states into adopting Common Core state standards.… Continue Reading

Sen. Tim Scott's Unconventional Listening Tour of South Carolina

Tuesday | February 4, 2014

"Are you Tim Scott?" "You look like that representative fellow."… Continue Reading

A Personal Story from Senator Tim Scott

Sunday | February 2, 2014

GOP senators offer education proposals to close 'income inequality' gap

Thursday | January 30, 2014

Scott's CHOICE Act is aimed at giving more education flexibility to military families, those with children facing physical challenges and students in impoverished areas. Scott, who grew up in a single-parent home, says he realized how important education was when he nearly flunked out of high school and a mentor took him under his wing.… Continue Reading

GOP measure would promote ‘school choice’

Wednesday | January 29, 2014

Republicans are positioning “school choice” — sending public dollars to charter schools, vouchers, virtual schools and other alternatives to traditional public schools — as a way to address income inequality in this election year and connect with low-income, minority voters. Sens. Lamar Alexander (Tenn.), a former education secretary, and Tim Scott (S.C.), one of only two African Americans in the Senate, will propose far-reaching “choice” legislation on Tuesday that would take the $24 billion in federal money spent annually to help educate 11 million students in poverty or with disabilities and convert it into block grants to the states, among other changes.… Continue Reading

Tim Scott convenes panel of past and present black senators

Monday | January 27, 2014

Sen. Tim Scott is part of a very small community of African-Americans who have served in the U.S. Senate, but that doesn’t mean these figures haven’t had an impact. In honor of Black History Month, the South Carolina Republican is convening a panel — to which all living black senators of the past and present have been invited.… Continue Reading

Tim Scott's Not Taking the Bait

Friday | January 24, 2014

Scott, who grew up poor with a single mother, has a unique perspective on what he calls "the opportunity agenda." He's filed legislation to expand school choice and job training.… Continue Reading

Sen. Scott tells students to 'work hard in the Word'

Wednesday | January 22, 2014

“I lived life like a person who thought life wasn’t fair,” U.S. Sen. Tim Scott said Tuesday.… Continue Reading

State leaders commemorate MLK day

Tuesday | January 21, 2014

U.S. Sen. Tim Scott, R-SC, said in a statement: “Once in a generation, if we are lucky, our nation is blessed with a transformational leader that changes the world. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was one of those leaders. His belief in equality, justice and a better life for all served as the bedrock for the civil rights movement, and continues to inspire us today."… Continue Reading

Follow Sen. Tim Scott’s understanding lead

Tuesday | January 21, 2014

Scott, in his column, also touted his “opportunity agenda” as “targeting micro-financing and tax reform to increase economic freedom, expanding school choice so every child has a chance at a quality education, and providing alternatives for single parents to work their 40 hours a week by allowing for wider use of comp time.”… Continue Reading

Tim Scott challenges both parties on poverty

Thursday | January 16, 2014

Sen. Tim Scott, the only Republican African American member of Congress, challenged conservatives and liberals alike Wednesday to use new tactics to help poor Americans, in an impassioned appeal that swung from offering his personal story to a harsh political attack on the nation’s first black president.… Continue Reading

Sen. Tim Scott goes ‘undercover’ to gain job experience

Thursday | January 16, 2014

U.S. Sen. Tim Scott said he tried out a number of low-wage jobs to help collect experiences for his recently drafted economic empowerment reform package. Bagging groceries, waiting on tables, riding on a public bus through Charleston and sweeping the floor at a fast-food restaurant were all part of his low-key research, he said.… Continue Reading

U.S. Sen. Tim Scott shares 2014 legislative agenda in West Columbia + VIDEO

Tuesday | January 14, 2014

Scott shared details of his 2014 legislative agenda, which includes introducing bills aimed at allowing a more flexible workday for some working parents, increasing school-choice opportunities, encouraging business growth, and retraining workers to qualify for higher-skilled, higher-paying jobs.… Continue Reading

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