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Tim Scott’s Substantive Red Meat

Thursday | March 14, 2013

When we’re listing the stars in the Tea Party conservative firmament, we’re quick to name Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee. There’s a fourth name from the Senate that should start leaping into our minds: Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina. His speech today was one of the best ones at CPAC so far — and remarkably wonky:… Continue Reading

Scott goes back to school

Saturday | March 9, 2013

More than three decades ago, Tim Scott was a ninth-grader flunking multiple subjects at Stall High School. Today he's a U.S. senator. And drawing from his own learning experiences as a child raised by a single mother on a low income, he is an ardent advocate for expanded educational opportunities. The senator, like many of his fellow conservatives, remains rightly wary of costly big-government proposals that supposedly will solve America's education woes. But he also knows that better schools represent "a chance for us to change the outcome for America."… Continue Reading

Senator Scott Sits Down with The State's Editorial Board

Friday | March 1, 2013

Columbia, SC — FOR ANYONE WHO might be wondering, U. S. Sen. Tim Scott does not have horns. I spotted no such devilish details when South Carolina’s newly appointed junior senator visited our editorial board last week. And to their surprise, African-Americans in attendance at one of Mr. Scott’s recent speaking engagements didn’t get a glimpse of horns either. … Continue Reading

PHOTO GALLERY: Inland Port Groundbreaking

Friday | March 1, 2013

Senator Tim Scott Visits Fort Jackson

Thursday | February 21, 2013

U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) met with commanders and troops at Fort Jackson on Wednesday. Fort Jackson, as the U.S. Army’s main production center for Basic Combat Training, trains 50 percent of the Army’s Basic Combat Training participants and 60 percent of the women entering the Army annually. “It was truly an honor to visit Brigadier General Roberts, Colonel Yackley and the troops stationed at Fort Jackson today,” Scott said in a news release.… Continue Reading

Sen. Tim Scott returns to his roots at Stall High

Wednesday | February 20, 2013

U.S. Sen. Tim Scott gave a rousing motivational talk to hundreds of students at Stall High School in North Charleston on Tuesday, encouraging them to dream even bigger dreams. Scott, Stall High Class of 1983, returned to his alma mater to express his thanks for how its teachers and administrators helped put him on a path that led him to become South Carolina’s first black Senator.… Continue Reading

Senator Scott Talks Opportunity

Friday | January 18, 2013

When Tim Scott talks to people they are often smiling. Smiling in a way that is unusual when politicians are talking. That was the case again on Thursday when Scott stopped by Lexington Town Hall to visit with city and business leaders.… Continue Reading

Senator Tim Scott was sworn in to office on January 3, 2013

Thursday | January 3, 2013

Senator Tim Scott was sworn in to office on January 3, 2013. He was chosen to serve on five committees during the 113th Congress… Continue Reading

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