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Opinion: Why Congress, state lawmakers must address police reform

Thursday | July 23, 2020

by Andrew Yates

The bill introduced in the U.S. Senate by South Carolina’s Tim Scott that was blocked recently would institute a number of worthwhile reforms at the federal level. It would also support state efforts to prioritize community safety, focusing officers’ time and effort on the most serious problems. 

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Rep. Cunningham, Sen. Scott, others to help in donation of 250,000 masks in Charleston

Thursday | July 23, 2020

by Tony Fortier-Bensen

Rep. Joe Cunningham, Sen. Tim Scott and Mayor John Tecklenburg helped distribute 250,000 KN95 masks to frontline medical workers and first responders in Charleston on Thursday.

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Opportunity abounds when government gets out of the way

Tuesday | July 21, 2020

by Salena Zito

[Anyone] who has said it would be impossible to transform one of the poorest ZIP codes in the country into a role model for achieving economic prosperity has never listened to Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina discuss the promise of Opportunity Zones. And they have definitely underestimated the determination of Erie’s local civic, foundation, and business leaders to not give up the ship.

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Better Medicare Alliance Honors Top Congressional Champions of Medicare Advantage for 2020

Wednesday | July 15, 2020

Better Medicare Alliance also recognized a new category of “2020 Breakthrough Champions” not previously honored by Better Medicare Alliance who stood out in efforts to strengthen Medicare Advantage coverage for seniors. Recipients of the first-ever Breakthrough Champion award include Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) and Representatives Anthony Brindisi (D-NY), Chrissy Houlihan (D-PA), and Terri Sewell (D-AL).

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Scott’s Police Reform Could Be a Key for GOP

Monday | July 13, 2020

by Ronda Ross

Sen. Tim Scott’s personal experience with racism and poverty, along with his eloquence and his seemingly singular ability to bring out the best in President Trump, are tailor made for these tumultuous times.

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SC law firms, churches, builders, sports teams received major federal COVID-19 lifelines

Saturday | July 11, 2020

by Jessica Holdman and Seanna Adcox

U.S. Sen. Tim Scott, who called for better guidance of the program’s ambiguous terms, has said he wants to ensure any future relief phases focus on the small businesses that haven’t been able to access the money.

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Nonprofit reimbursement bill reaches White House

Friday | July 10, 2020

A bipartisan nonprofit unemployment reimbursement bill introduced by Sen. Tim Scott was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives Thursday and is bound for White House approval.

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Editorial: Don’t give up on police reform on the federal level

Friday | July 10, 2020

U.S. Sen. Tim Scott said Wednesday that he hopes his much-needed police reform bill, killed by a Democratic filibuster in the Senate last month, might have a Lazarus moment and be revived.

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Sen. Tim Scott on race, police reform, and why ending qualified immunity is a nonstarter for the GOP

Tuesday | July 7, 2020

by Jane Coaston

Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina, the only Black Republican serving in the US Senate, has an additional, unenviable task beyond his usual legislative portfolio: talking to his colleagues, and Republicans in general, about the issues of race and policing with which he has an intimate familiarity.

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Sen. Tim Scott: Fourth of July challenges – as in times past we will unite, progress and hope, always

Friday | July 3, 2020

by Senator Tim Scott

Independence Day is a day familiar to us all. The streets are dressed in red, white and blue, and the sky serves as a canvas for an endless night of fireworks. We enjoy parades and time with loved ones – all while saluting our nation and our freedoms. As we celebrate America’s 244th year as an independent nation, however, the face of our country looks different.

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Tim Scott Didn’t Ask For This

Wednesday | July 1, 2020

by Declan Garvey

South Carolina’s junior senator didn’t set out to have a political career defined by his race. But his unique perspective has made him perhaps the most influential legislator in the Trump era.

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If only woke protesters knew how close they were to meaningful police reform

Wednesday | July 1, 2020

by Kelsey Bolar

Shamelessly denying Republicans the 60 votes needed to openly debate a GOP-proposed bill, Senate Democrats stripped Americans of the opportunity to pass meaningful reforms for an issue that’s turned the nation upside down.

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Republican senator sees effort this week to revive police reform debate in U.S. Congress

Sunday | June 28, 2020

by David Morgan

U.S. lawmakers will try this week to revive efforts to enact police reform legislation in Congress, a Republican senator said on Sunday, after moves to address police misconduct following the death of George Floyd deteriorated into partisan bickering.

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Tim Scott’s frustrating and fated fight for police reform: ‘This is my issue’

Saturday | June 27, 2020

by Caitlin Byrd

Scott recognized the moment sooner than the rest of his party. On June 3, he approached Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell at a closed-door Republican luncheon and asked to write his party’s bill — their response — on police reform. Scott’s pitch was direct: He told McConnell he is the only Republican senator who has experienced racial profiling and discrimination.

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Democrats Play Politics on Police Reform

Thursday | June 25, 2020

by Shay Hawkins

The Justice Act, a law-enforcement reform bill written by Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina and introduced by Senate Republicans, has much in common with the Justice in Policing Act, favored by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

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Democrats’ shameful vote against Tim Scott’s police reform bill

Thursday | June 25, 2020

by Marc A. Thiessen

We saw how seriously congressional Democrats were taking police reform when Sen. Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.), the second-ranking Democratic leader, dismissed legislation introduced by Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) as a “token, half-hearted approach.” For Durbin to question the seriousness and sincerity of Scott — a black man who has personally experienced police discrimination — was disgraceful. Scott said of Durbin’s comment, “to call this a token process hurts my soul.” 

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Tim Scott denounces Democrats and Pelosi for blocking police reform bill

Wednesday | June 24, 2020

by Susan Ferrechio

Sen. Tim Scott called out Democrats for blocking a Republican-authored police reform measure, arguing party lawmakers refused to debate the measure simply because it was written by the GOP in a presidential election year.

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Tim Scott: 'Tearing down history for the sake of anarchy is not how we make progress'

Tuesday | June 23, 2020

by Joshua Nelson

The desire to purge “all of history because it was ugly or negative really does not serve the American people well,” according to Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C.

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Tim Scott: Police 'need more resources, not less resources' to compel reform

Sunday | June 21, 2020

by Justine Coleman

Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) said Sunday that police “need more resources, not less resources” to compel reform within their departments after the death of George Floyd sparked calls for change across the country.

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‘Living His Mother’s American Dream’

Friday | June 19, 2020

by Tunku Varadarajan

Sen. Tim Scott discusses his police-reform bill, Dick Durbin’s put-down, and how Republicans can appeal to black voters.

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