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March 2021
A Great Opportunity Society
Who's Leading Education for the Next Generation?
Religious Discrimination Is Risking Child Welfare
A Better Future for Seniors & All South Carolinians
Your Tax Dollars on the Line
Fighting for SC: COVID, Religious Freedom, & More
Defending Small Businesses, Employees, Entrepreneurs
Pandemic Recovery Efforts, Empowering American Workers
Vaccine Updates, Standing Up for Quality Health Care
Expanding Telehealth, Wrapping Up Black History Month
February 2021
Our Students Deserve to be in School!
Supporting Entrepreneurship & Quality Education
Helping You Achieve the American Dream
Fighting for Our Heroes!
Moving Health Care Forward
My Pandemic Recovery Efforts & 46-County Tour
Bridging the Digital Divide
School Choice and Remembering Our Fallen Heroes
January 2021
Fighting for the Protections of Small Businesses
Support for School Choice is Growing
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