ICYMI: CBS Sports Highlights Opportunity Zones Initiative

CBS Sports: Derrick Morgan: NFL Today Feature Story
Full video here.

On Thanksgiving Day, CBS Sports aired a special feature on former NFL Titans linebacker Derrick Morgan. The feature, part of the “NFL Today” series, caught up with Morgan since his retirement over the summer. 

The feature starts with a montage of Morgan’s hometown: Coatesville, Pennsylvania. The steel mill that used to be the economic driver of the area is empty and desolate, out of use for decades. Some locals quip how many sports players who make it big never return to their small hometowns, but Morgan is doing just that and is hoping to make a big impact. 

With the help of his childhood friends and community, Morgan is striving to make an example of economic revitalization right in Coatesville. He is currently managing partner of the Kingdom Impact Fund, a network of investors and developers hoping to create change in struggling areas. 

The turnkey behind Morgan’s goal involves Sen. Tim Scott’s Opportunity Zones initiative. Through the use of the initiative, Morgan bought 25 acres of land and is planning to develop a health and wellness community center. His long-term goal is to see the legislation help to transform the entire area, and bring back hope and opportunity back into his hometown. 

You can watch the entire feature here or read more about Morgan’s journey here