ICYMI: Scott Showcases a Bold Vision for a Stronger American Future on Fox News’ “America Reports”

WASHINGTON – Yesterday, U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) joined Sandra Smith on “America Reports” to discuss the devastating lack of leadership from the White House that has resulted in economic decline and threats from our adversaries. The Senator also encouraged the American people to come together and celebrate the American values that make our country the greatest in the world.                                                                                             

TS on Fox News

                                                                                                                Click here to watch the full interview.

On American opportunity… “As a kid growing up in poverty, this country afforded me an opportunity to live the American dream in a way no other country on earth would allow. It would not be possible to see my story happen. My story is the same as millions of Americans all across this great land, and the question we should ask ourselves is: is there an appetite for more of what we’ve seen in the past. And I think the answer is yes.”

On President Biden’s failure on the global stage… “Weakness on the foreign stage, I believe, emboldens your adversaries, and part of the challenges we’re seeing today is driven by the weakness of President Biden on the global stage. The question is: should the Biden administration be more forthcoming with all the information that is necessary to help American people understand the situation that we have today with China and frankly, with being able to govern our own airspace? The answer to that question is absolutely, positively, unequivocally, we should have more information, period.”

On record inflation levels…. “Inflation was higher this month than it was last month. They expected a precipitous drop, and they didn’t see that. And if you think about the past 2 years – for people who grew up like I did in a single parent household – a 13.5% increase in inflation, 40% higher in gas, more than 20% in electricity, and your food going up more than 20% – people working paycheck to paycheck cannot afford a single extra dime spent on necessities.”