ICYMI: Scott Talks Dems’ Spending and IRS Plans, Police Reform on America’s Newsroom

WASHINGTON – Today, U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) joined Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino on Fox News to discuss how the Democrats’ reckless spending spree, and their plan to pay for it by enlarging the IRS, will harm American families. He also pushed back on efforts to nationalize and defund law enforcement.


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On Democrats’ reckless spending … “There’s no way this is going to cost zero for the American people. Here’s what we know: A $2 trillion [bill] — or the largest tax increase in American history — is not free. … [The] cost to the average American family goes through the ceiling, [with] tens of thousands of dollars of additional debt being added to every single household in America. This is failed leadership and a one-way ticket to socialism. … it only helps hook more people on a government paycheck. That’s bad for their futures; it’s bad for their kids.”

“Here’s what I know about government handouts: If you can do it yourself, you should. If you cannot, it’s a different question. … [This plan would] get more people disconnected from work [and] more dependent on the government, and that’s bad for their lives.”

On Democrats moving their proposed threshold for the IRS to investigate accounts from $600 to $10,000 … “$600 versus $10,000 sounds like a big jump. Unfortunately, if you are a minimum wage earner in America, your account’s [information] would still be transferred to the IRS. In other words, if you have an $800 monthly payment for your rent, you have $400 in food for the entire year, [that makes] $10,000. … [It’s] not a concession because Republicans aren’t even allowed to be part of the negotiations.”

On police reform efforts and providing proper resources … “I’m still at the table. Two years in a row [the Democrats] walked away. More importantly, what they wanted to do were two fundamental things I completely disagree with. Number one is to nationalize all local police. That is not the American way. And number two, there were 11 sections that either reduced funding [or] made departments ineligible for funding, and that to me means defunding the police by a [thousand little] cuts.”

“In the end, change requires resources. We cannot ask police officers to go into some very dangerous situations without the equipment or the manpower. [There are] almost 400 vacancies in Baltimore city right now because they can’t recruit officers. You don’t demonize, demoralize, and defund police and then ask for better policing.”