ICYMI: Scott Talks Economy, Education, and Inflation on Fox News’ “America Reports”

WASHINGTON – This week, U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) joined Sandra Smith and John Roberts on Fox News’ “America Reports” to discuss the state of the economy, the latest report from the Federal Reserve, and parental rights in education.


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On the nation’s skyrocketing inflation … “Let me tell you this. One of the things that the American people are focused on is the fact that for six consecutive months, inflation has been over 8%. For 17 consecutive months, inflation has outpaced wage growth. So, when you talk to the average voter across the country, as I am, in person— the one thing they talk about is inflation.”

On the state of the economy … “The truth is, 75 basis points is the best they could have done. We’re already in a recession; more than half this country has less than $1,000 in their savings accounts. The truth is, Sandra, as a kid who grew up in a single parent household— I will tell you, when my mom pulled up to the gas pump and gas is 50 or 60% higher, that was a crisis in our lives.”

On his PROTECT Kids Act … “The fact of the matter is that your child is your most precious possession and your greatest asset, and is your wonderful hope for your future. And to literally separate the child from the parent at nine, ten, eleven, and twelve years old. I just can’t imagine—it’s unimaginable. All what’s happening in schools, big labor unions and bureaucrats are stopping parents from knowing what’s happening to their kids.”

“Parents should be talking to their teachers, not having to file a Freedom of Information Act to see if their kid is learning about CRT or some gender issue. In the fourth grade? That’s unconscionable. Literally unconscionable. We should stop seeing schools indoctrinate kids and get back to educating that child.”