ICYMI: Scott Talks Police Funding and Training and the Future of America on Fox News’ “Sunday Night In America With Trey Gowdy”

WASHINGTON –  Yesterday, U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) joined Trey Gowdy to discuss issues facing America, including the Democrats’ failure to pass common sense police funding and training legislation and his hope for the nation ahead of President Biden’s State of the Union address on Tuesday.  

TS on Trey Gowdy

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On the Democrats’ refusal to find common ground on police funding and training in 2021… “We were so close. Since we are in Superbowl season, I’d say we were in the red zone. We were literally sitting there negotiating – six of us. One person on the left said, ‘if we are here to negotiate, I’m walking out.’ She literally got up, walked out, and got a promotion. So, what we know is that they care more about the issue than the solution… There’s no doubt in my mind that staying at the table would have gotten things done.” 

On President Biden’s record ahead of his State of the Union address … “I think you’ll hear a lot of glossing over on the real issues that the American people are suffering through. If we were going to hear something authentic from President Biden, it would be ‘American people, I’m sorry, I apologize for record breaking crime, record breaking inflation, for record breaking border crossings.’ What I anticipate, however, is that he will talk about nothing for as long as humanly possible.”

On his belief in the American Dream … “The beauty of America is our future will not be dependent on the color of your skin, but the quality of your education. That will be your destiny. We can equip kids with that. I talk about the power of hope. Hope being Opportunity Zones that brought back 29 billion dollars in just 2019 to make sure that we have lower unemployment, lower poverty, and more hope.”