ICYMI: Sen. Scott on Telehealth, the American Supply Chain, and Post-COVID Resiliency

WASHINGTON—During today’s U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) hearing, Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) addressed several issues the nation must confront as we examine a path forward on future pandemic preparation and response. 


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On American innovation and the COVID-19 vaccine: “I believe that had it not been for our ability to partner with the private sector, we might not be sitting here today. I believe … that perhaps the greatest economic engine of innovation in health care didn’t come from the government, but from the private sector.

“If we didn’t have [Operation] Warp Speed, partnering with the private sector … the death toll would be multiple times higher than it is today.”

On telehealth: “The death toll is devastating … however, the possibility of a silver lining is in the acceleration of [telehealth] … The telehealth platform is so important that we probably need to spend more time in investigating and investing in more resources.”

On his MADE in America Act“The excellence we’ve seen in America’s health care system is the marvel of the world. And bills like my MADE in America Act that would provide more reason to [produce] your PPE … and generic drugs … here in America is a necessary component of what I consider resiliency. Our nation needs to be more resilient when it comes to challenges, and one of the ways to get there is to work in a bipartisan fashion on some of those very important resources.”

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