ICYMI: Sen. Scott Op-Ed Details Landmark Employee Rights Legislation, Vision To Expand Worker Freedom And Opportunity In America

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) penned an op-ed in the Post and Courier discussing his landmark Employee Rights Act which prioritizes worker freedom over big labor unions and gives them the tools they need to climb the economic ladder and take part in the 21st century American economy.

Employee Rights Act would modernize outdated labor laws

The Post and Courier

By Sen. Tim Scott

“Tipping the scales in favor of big labor unions instead of hardworking families only serves to wreak havoc on innovation and devastate the backbone of our economy; the last two years under President Joe Biden have proved it. My Employee Rights Act breaks away from the failed policies of the past, modernizes our country’s outdated labor laws and puts employees and families first.”


“Under this administration, top-down policies have concentrated bargaining power in the hands of the big labor unions. They have subjected American workers and small businesses to a barrage of union harassment and disrupted opportunities for our families. Employees should be free to negotiate their own salaries and benefits directly with employers for contracts that meet their own needs, and have the freedom to work without being held back by the political interests of a select few.”


“The Employee Rights Act would give them just that by modernizing our economy to protect contractors, franchisees, entrepreneurs and anyone seeking flexible work options. My bill makes it easier, not harder, for workers to become small business owners. It protects employee privacy and gives workers more control over their personal information. It requires unions to get explicit permission from members before spending their dues for political purposes. And it reinforces commonsense, democratic ideals by enshrining the right to a private vote on who represents workers on the job.”

Click here to read the op-ed in full in the Post and Courier.