ICYMI: Sen. Scott Op-Ed Inspires Americans To Embrace Hope

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) penned an op-ed in the New York Post describing his optimistic outlook for America’s future and why Americans should continue holding to the values which have made our nation the greatest on earth.

We need to teach Americans to hope again, not be victims

The New York Post

By Sen. Tim Scott

“When I look around America today, I see a people yearning for it, but instead being sold a drug of victimhood and the narcotic of despair by the radical Left. 

“The hope within the American people is still alive and well, we just need to bring it to the light. To bury hope and optimism is to suffocate the American Dream. To tend to that hope and help it grow, however, ushers in a new American sunrise.


“I understand the power of hope and optimism because I grew up in a world where it was all we had.

As a poor kid raised in a single parent household mired in poverty, I could have given up hope. Like many poor families, we moved around a lot. I attended four different elementary schools by the fourth grade, and, later, I almost flunked out of high school.


“Stubborn hope…allowed my grandfather who picked cotton to live long enough to see his grandson pick out his seat in Congress. My mama worked 16-hour days as a nurse’s aide, changing bed pans and rolling patients.


“Now she holds the Bible when her son takes the oath of office in the United States Senate. They are living proof that the story of America isn’t its original sin. It is a story of redemption, one that we’ve all experienced in some fashion. They’re proof there is no ceiling in life.


“Yet, today, there’s a cycle in which people want you to believe what they say in spite of what you see. Their words are no match for our evidence. Their pessimism is no match for our progress. The truth of our lives disproves their lies. 


“America can do for so many what it has done for me. When some choose grievance and strife, choose greatness.”

Click here to read the op-ed in full in the New York Post.