ICYMI: Senator Scott Calls Out Democrats’ Partisan Spending Bill, Charts Path Forward for America

CHARLESTON, S.C. – Today, Senator Scott joined FOX Across America for an interview on the Democrats’ liberal agenda disguised as “COVID relief” and the harm done to children being kept out of school. He also highlighted the tremendous progress our country has made, thanks in large part to conservative policies that provide all citizens with equal access to the American Dream.

Click here to listen to the full interview.

On Democrats’ “COVID relief” bill… “The fact of the matter is a very simple one. Less than 10 percent is targeted and temporary for COVID relief. The other 90 percent is the Democrats’ liberal, progressive policy positions manifesting as a ruse on the American people. It is not a COVID relief package. It is certainly a progressive payment plan that seems to pay everybody… It is hard to digest that we are seeing not a push to the left, but a literal leap to the far left.” Click here to read Senator Scott’s statement on the Democrats’ Partisan Stimulus Package. 

On school closures… “Think about this: Whether you’re a black kid or a brown kid or a white kid, here’s what’s happening throughout this country. Keeping kids isolated and separated from their friends and their loved ones outside of their home has manifested in a 30% increase in emergency room visits – parents taking their kids for emotional reasons. It has manifested in an unprecedented level of suicides… The learning loss could be permanent for low income, at-risk kids. We are talking about devastating not just today but their tomorrows. Keeping a child out of the classroom is keeping a child from the best future they could have.” Click here to read more about Senator Scott’s fight to reopen schools. 

On Republican policies… “Pre-pandemic, African American unemployment reached the lowest levels in the history of this country. Hispanic unemployment reached the lowest levels in the history of this country. Women employment reached the highest levels in 70 years. Why? Because under President Trump, we created the most inclusive economy in the history of the country. We saw the bottom make more money faster than the top. Because of the tax reform, we saw single mothers’ taxes get cut by 70% on the federal level. We’re talking about transformational policies. And what do the Democrats sell? They sell a caste system and a socialist paradigm that relegates the poorest Americans to always be at the bottom of the food chain. It’s antithetical to what it means to be an American.” 

On race and progress in America… “We have to slow down for a second, take out all the hyperbole, and have a serious conversation. America is a good country. I believe in the goodness of America. Here’s the truth: We are not where we want to be; I do thank God that we are not where we used to be. This nation has made more progress in less time than any other nation on God’s green earth. The America that I know, the America that I trust, and the America that gave me a second chance is the America that embraces people who put forth their best effort… Whether you’re a black American, a white American… we all have the same story in many, many ways. It’s the story of trouble and then triumph, a story of obstacles and then opportunities, the story of pain and then prosperity. It is the American story. We always end up standing on our feet.”