ICYMI: Senator Scott on Ruthless Podcast

WASHINGTON – Today, Senator Scott joined Ruthless Podcast for an interview on the dangers of woke culture and equity mandates, contrasted with his vision for an America of opportunity. He also highlighted the Democrats’ hypocrisy on the filibuster and warned against the liberal power grab that is S. 1. 


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On his Washington Post op-ed and woke culture… “This new woke culture seems to reinforce and then codify in law the theory that an eye for an eye is the way that we should live our lives. And I’m a person who believes that there is a better choice – there is simply a better option. That option is for us to work on a Great Opportunity Society that creates a fair playing field for everyone.” 

On Democrats’ filibuster hypocrisy…  “[Democrats] must have very, very short memories, number one. Because the truth of the matter is that if you just go to the most recent past, the most effective use of the filibuster was to stop racial progress in the justice system on my JUSTICE Act… [Democrats] did not want the Republican Party and my legislation to be the difference-maker on a host of issues, from body cameras to no-knock warrants to the chokehold to gathering more data to best practices nationwide. They stopped all of that from becoming law, and now – somehow now – the filibuster is a relic from a racist past…

“The Democrats’ strategy has less to do with solving problems of our racial past and more to do with solving the problem of power in the future. That’s what the filibuster debate is really about.”

On H.R. 1/S. 1…  “This is nothing more than a power grab, taking power from the states and nationalizing it. And then of course they’re going to add states to make sure that they have this new majority that is bullet proof. Once they change the law, they must change the system of who votes in order to keep that system in place. That does not sound like racial progress in any way, shape, or form. That sounds like a liberal takeover of America’s future. It’s one of the reasons why I consistently say, their goal is to fundamentally transform what it means to be an American.” 

On the Democrat spending bill… “The one thing they do not do on the Left is waste a crisis. The ‘COVID relief’ package is 9% COVID health care, 1% vaccines, and 90% progressive wish list…When you’re no longer focused on the relief of people suffering because of COVID and you’re only focusing on the future of liberal policies, you kind of lose all the Republicans. This is simple common sense from my perspective.”

On the GOP and opportunity… “We took the unemployment rate for the first time in the history of this country to under six percent for African-Americans. At the same time, we took the unemployment rate down, we took the labor force participation rate within the black community, we took that up…

“We’ve never seen poverty this low. The wage inequality gap, it started to shrink, why? Because President Trump’s economic policies creating seven million jobs, bringing two-thirds of those jobs into the households of women, brown people, and black people actually lowers that income inequality first…”

“The market is the fastest way for us to get parity – not mandates around equity, but mandates around opportunity. We want those who put in the same thing to get out the same thing. We don’t want an unequal distribution; if you put in differently, you should get out differently.”

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