ICYMI: Senator Scott Responds to Biden’s Speech on COVID-19, Personal Attacks From the Left

WASHINGTON – Today, Senator Scott joined America’s Newsroom on FOX News to rebut President Biden’s address to the nation a year after the pandemic was declared. He highlighted Biden’s lack of unifying leadership and addressed personal attacks against him from the “woke” Left.


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On Biden blaming the Trump administration for the spread of COVID-19… “Let’s take a look back at 2020. It was NBC News that said they had to fact check President Trump, who said we would have a vaccine within a year. They said that would take a miracle, but what did President Trump produce? A miracle… This COVID relief package…one percent of all the money goes to vaccines, which reinforces the point, by the way Martha, that the Trump administration did a great job putting the vaccines – 300 million of them – in a place where we could put them in arms.”

On Biden’s campaign promise of bipartisanship… “President [Biden’s] policy positions have created chasms between the Left and the Right, between the rich and the poor, between Black and white. We’ve seen nothing that leads to this coalition of Americans working together under his Administration – we’ve seen the exact opposite… We have to focus our attention on what’s best for the nation as a whole. [Operation] Warp Speed is a classic example.”

On the Democrats’ so-called “COVID relief” bill… “The bill itself focuses less than 10 percent of its resources on COVID [health care] relief. It’s frustrating to see the American family bearing the burden of $22,000 per family of four for a relief package that has more to do with a payment plan for progressives than it does COVID relief for Americans.”

On the Democrats’ provision to forgive 120% of debt for minority farmers… “Think about this: as an African American who has felt the burden of racism, the last thing I would ever want to do is discriminate against other people. So when you have a farm program that is designed specifically for the exclusion of white farmers who are struggling as well, that is un-American.”

On “woke supremacy” and attacks from the Left… “White supremacy and woke supremacy have their roots in racism and discrimination – it is bad… It was the ‘woke supremacists,’ by the way, who said that me and Herschel Walker were the ‘coon squad.’ If you watch the folks who are yelling the loudest right now, it includes people who are at their wits’ end because there are African Americans who are willing to speak their minds from a conservative perspective.”