ICYMI: Senator Scott Speaks on Senate Floor

WASHINGTON – On Monday, January 30, 2023, Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) spoke on the Senate Floor. His remarks, in part, are as follows:

“I don’t speak on this floor very often, but this is my tenth speech on policing in America in eight years. The tenth time I’ve asked for something that will make our officers better and safer and make our communities better and safer. 

“Another time, I have asked for more resources for recruitment so that we can have only the best wearing the badge, but this legislative body – the greatest deliberative body in the world – didn’t act. 

“It was in 2015, shortly after the shooting of Walter Scott, who was shot in the back in my hometown, Charleston, South Carolina, that I came to this floor to ask for more resources for body worn cameras so that we could capture what happens during those vital times. Not a single Democrat cosponsored that legislation. 

“I came back a year later, in 2016, and gave three speeches on the importance of policing in America. 

“In 2020, June 17th, I introduced the JUSTICE Act with more requests for what I believe is common sense. It was 70% of what House Democrats were asking for. We, on our side of the aisle, said this makes sense. Why don’t we find common ground on that 70%, make it into a piece of legislation and show the American people that, yes, their elected officials can at times act with common sense?  

“Because my assumption was that common ground leads to common sense. Imagine my disappointment, Mr. President, when the duty to intervene, de-escalation training, more resources, more reporting, so that we all have eyes around the country, was filibustered in this chamber.” 

CLICK HERE to watch his full remarks.