ICYMI: Senator Scott Talks Police Reform on Trey Gowdy’s Sunday Night in America

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) joined Trey Gowdy’s Sunday Night in America on Fox News to discuss police reform and why the Democrats walked away from negotiations.


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On why Democrats walked away from negotiations … “[The Democrats are] managing so many crises. I think they’re looking for a way to give Biden a win. Think about [the] Afghanistan crisis, the border crisis, crisis in the Middle East, a crisis of spending, crisis of taxing. So they’re putting politics over people and focusing on a partisan victory. They’re actually going to look for the perfect and make it the enemy of the good.”

On the Democrats’ bill taking resources from police … “There were more than seven sections in the bill that literally said we’re going to reduce your funding or make you ineligible for funding if you don’t let a national standard dictate all local policing. … I’m not turning over local police to the Department of Justice. It’s never been [the case] and it will never be as long as I’m at the table negotiating.”

On providing solutions for vulnerable communities … “I have lived in some very poor communities, [was] raised by a single mother, and I understand the fear and trepidation of wondering if your mother made it into the house okay when she gets off at 11 o’clock at night. I’m at the table, and frankly, [Republicans] are at the table because we want to provide solutions. …

“When it comes to solutions, think about the record-breaking amount of money for HBCUs or the lowest unemployment rate for African Americans, for Hispanics, for Asians, a seventy year low for women, increases in the labor force participation rate. We’ve seen the right direction of solutions under the GOP while the Democrats keep campaigning on the issue, never having to find the solution.”