ICYMI: Senator Scott the First Guest on Trey Gowdy’s Sunday Night in America

WASHINGTON – Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) joined Trey Gowdy’s Sunday Night in America on Fox News yesterday to discuss the current state of our union and how we must seek to overcome challenges together. Senator Scott also shared how he balances the pain of our nation’s past, the great hope he has for our nation’s future, and the promise of America.


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On the current state of our union and how to overcome challenges… “If I was giving a national address, I think I would tell the American people three things. First, I would remind us of who we are. We are the most compassionate, capable, courageous people on the planet… 

“The second thing I would do is tell us that we will confront our challenges together—whether those are social or economic or global challenges… Here’s the one thing you don’t do when you’re confronting your challenges together: You don’t reverse discrimination to have more discrimination to end discrimination. You actually work on a plan that expands opportunity.

“The thing I would do next is close with something more optimistic—that the next American century starts here, [and] it starts now… We have survived a civil war and a global pandemic. We came out stronger and more resilient because, when we stick together, there is no place on earth like home.”

On finding a balance between the painful past and the promise of tomorrow… “Too often I feel like we’re dwelling in the past, not for its lessons, but almost reliving it, as if 1865 and 1965 are somehow embedded in 2021. So I think the ratio I would use for the past and the present would be the big windshield represents the present, [and] the little rearview mirror represents the past. It should teach us, but we shouldn’t dwell there. We can’t wallow in it. There are some very important lessons, painful lessons, [and] lots of people bear the scars of that pain, but the burden of living there is too high of a price to pay.”