ICYMI: Tim Scott Bill Requires App Stores To Show Country Of Origin, Would Stick ‘Made In China’ Label On TikTok

WASHINGTON – This week, U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) unveiled a bill to protect American children from foreign apps which can access and exploit their data. An exclusive Fox News article outlined the Know Your App Act, which would allow American families to make informed decisions about ways to protect themselves online.

Tim Scott bill requires app stores to show country of origin, would stick ‘Made in China’ label on TikTok

Fox News

By Brooke Singman

“Sen. Tim Scott is rolling out legislation that would require app stores to display the country where apps are developed and owned before users download them amid worries some of the most popular apps in America were developed in China.”


“Americans should be able to make informed decisions about the online services they use in order to protect their data and security,” Scott told Fox News Digital. “Requiring app stores to display an app’s country of origin is a common-sense solution that can help them do just that.”


“Under the bill, app stores would be required to provide users the ability to filter out applications from these adversarial countries and warn users about the risk of downloading one of the foreign apps on the list. If an app developer failed to provide sufficient information to the app store about its country affiliation, the app store would be required to issue multiple warnings over a designated period. If the developer still refused to comply, the app store would be required to remove the app from its store.”


“The rollout of the bill comes amid findings that, as of March of this year, four of the five most popular apps in the United States were developed in China. Those apps were Temu, CapCut, TikTok and Shein.”


“China’s national intelligence law of 2017 compels businesses registered in China, or with operations in China, to turn over information and data to Chinese intelligence agencies. U.S. officials and lawmakers have warned that the Chinese Communist Party could compel the company to turn over American users’ data or expose them to propaganda.”

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