Obama Regulations Bad for South Carolina Families and Businesses

Washington – U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), released a statement following the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA)announcement of the final Clean Power Plan rule, which will significantly raiseelectricity prices across the country:

“Today’s announcement by President Obama’s EPAis yet another example of the administration’songoing effort to createa political legacy for the President instead of working to shore up our country’s economic recovery, defeating ISIS or stopping Iran from becoming a nuclear power. The EPA’s final plan is unattainable, unachievable and unrealistic. That’s why when it was first announced, thirty-two states strongly opposed the rule and fifteen states, including South Carolina, challenged it in court.

“While we all agree our energy policy should embrace sustainable, accessible and affordable sources of energy, the EPA has once again forgotten the affordable piece. The fact of the matter is if your income is under $30,000, 25 percent of your income goes towards energy consumption. This is an incredible burden to place on single parents, seniors on fixed incomes and low-income families struggling to make their ends meet. The EPA should be working to help American families, not finalizing rules that drive up the cost of essential services such as electricity.”

Last year, Senator Scott released a white paper entitled Plenty at Stake: Indicators of American Energy Insecurity with Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), Chairwoman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. Energy insecurity – the measure of the number of Americans who cannot afford the energy required to heat or cool their homes without sacrificing other necessary expenses – continues to force many families to choose between paying their energy bills or paying for food, medical care and other necessities.