Scott Joins Harris Faulkner, Responds to Yellen Abortion Comments

WASHNGTON – In his first TV interview since his exchange with Secretary Janet Yellen, U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) today joined The Faulkner Focus for a conversation on how opportunity — not abortion — is key to achieving the American Dream.


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On his reaction to Secretary Yellen’s comments … “I could not believe my ears. She was responding to a question, so it was completely unprepared, unfiltered, and her response was to — in my opinion — provide a callous approach, and a solution or remedy for Blacks living in poverty, being abortion. And as a guy who was raised by a powerful, positive Black woman in poverty in a single-parent household, I know that sometimes broken places are where you find brilliance.”

On the African American story … “Unfortunately, it seems like whenever someone needs a poster child of brokenness, they go to African-Americans. And that’s not our story. Our story is a story of victory. Our story is a story of overcoming odds. Our story is, frankly, triumphing after tragic circumstances. That’s the story of who we are. And it’s a story that should be told and should be told as a part of the American story — that we as Americans, we are the solution. We shouldn’t have fewer Americans; we should have more Americans. You want to increase our labor force participation rate? Choose life.”

On his lived experience … “First, when you hear her words and you see my lived experience, you see your lived experience, so many Americans — millions of us — started in poverty. … My grandfather was picking cotton. He lived long enough to watch his grandson pick a seat in Congress.

“That tells me that the story continues. The journey becomes more and more beautiful, more and more amazing. But when you think about the fact that the words that people speak are disconnected from the reality… You hear that inflation is good for people living in poverty. Nothing is further from the truth. … It’s almost as if the administration wants us to believe what they are saying as opposed to what we are seeing.”

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