Scott: New Deal Ignores America’s Demand to Impose Fiscal Order in Washington

Washington, DC– U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) issued the following statement about the budget deal that has emerged from negotiations between the Obama White House and GOP Congressional leadership:

Both the substance of the budget deal Congress is considering this week, along with the process this deal went through, give me concern.As a conservative, I am not seeing much to like.

“This is not fiscal restraint and is the poster child for what the American people hate about Washington. The entitlement reforms do not go far enough, it does not keep faith with many serious budget reforms, it increases the debt ceiling by $1.5 trillion and breaks through the spending caps by $80 billion – $50 billion the first year, and $30 billion in the second. Additionally, it tries to pay for some spending increases by changing important agricultural programs – changes that have the potential to be devastating for South Carolina farmers already reeling from this month’s floods.

“I cannot support this deal because we have to get serious about addressing America’s debt crisis and curbing our spending addiction – now.”