Scott: Obama Chooses Paris over American Jobs with Keystone Pipeline Rejection

Washington – Following President Obama’s rejection of the Keystone XLPipeline today, U.S. Senator Tim Scott issued the following statement.

“Instead of supporting American jobs and energy independence,President Obama today chose to follow the wishes of his friends at the upcoming Paris climate summit. This is extremely disappointing, and continues the hyperpolitical agenda that this administration has embarked upon – such as just this week threatening to close detention facilities at Guantanamo Bay through executive order.

We all agree we should be working towards sustainable sources of energy, but we also must ensure our energy remains affordable. Too many families are living in energy poverty, having to choose between paying their power bill and medications or groceries, and the President’s decision today will do absolutely nothing to help them.”

Earlier this year, Senator Scott voted for S. 1, legislation to approve the cross-border permit for the Keystone XL project, which passed the Senate with bipartisan support (62-36). President Obama later vetoed the legislation.