Scott Statement on White House Meeting about S.C. MOX Facility

WASHINGTON—Today, U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) released the following statement after meeting with President Trump about the MOX facility with Senator Lindsey Graham and Governor Henry McMaster:

“First, I want to thank the President for making the time to talk to the South Carolina delegation about the importance of the MOX facility. We wanted to make sure that we make very clear that keeping weapons grade plutonium in the Palmetto State is a non-starter. The bottom line is, we need to figure out how to make this energy either commercially viable or get it out of our state.

The President was certainly open to our comments and our concerns. The fact of the matter is we’re looking for ways to keep the President engaged and not simply allow the Department of Energy to do what they have done in the past which is to use a set of numbers that we simply do not agree with. Overall, we had a very productive conversation with the President and are hopeful that he is listening to our concerns and that we will hear better direction heading in the next few weeks.”