Scott Votes for Defense Secretary

Washington– U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) released the statement below after voting for the nomination of General James Mattis for Secretary of Defense. Mattis was confirmed by the Senate 98-1.

“During such volatile times with global terror attacks on the rise, it is important that we have the most qualified and experienced person leading our Department of Defense. It is for that reason that I fully support Gen. Mattis’s nomination.

Throughout his 44-year Marine Corps career he has seen every level of command, been on the frontlines, and led Marines both on and off the battlefield. Gen. Mattis has been involved in every major operation in our nation’s modern history, and is considered a counterinsurgency expert. He possesses real life experience that gives him unique insight into handling some of the most sensitive and problematic areas in the world. We are living through uncertain times, and I believe General Mattis is the right choice to take on such a demanding role.”