Scott Votes to Keep Gitmo Open, Raise Pay for our Troops, Keep MOX Running

Washington – U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) released the statement below after voting for the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

“South Carolina has a deep connection with the men and women of our nation’s armed forces, and it is critical that we provide them the tools they need to succeed. In supporting the National Defense Authorization Act, I voted today for pay raises for our troops and to ensure they have the resources they need in battle. With the shadow of terror looming over our nation this week, it is more important than ever that we give our troops everything they need to keep themselves and our nation safe.

The NDAA also bars the President from transferring terrorists from Guantanamo Bay to domestic locations in the United States, taking a strong stand against the White House’s disastrous plan to do so. I will continue the fight to stop the president from moving Guantanamo to Hanahan or another domestic location for as long as it takes.

I also supported language in the bill to ensure the MOX program continues. Despite the Obama Administration’s efforts to kill it, MOX remains vital to fulfilling our international non-proliferation treaties, and no other viable alternative exists.”

The NDAA now heads to a conference committee, where differences between the bill passed by the Senate today and the House of Representatives last month will be worked out.