Scott Votes to Stop Socialist Policies, Reopen Schools, and Keep States Accountable for Nursing Home Deaths

WASHINGTON—U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) released the following statements on several amendments slated to be voted on tonight that would affect the American economy, our nation’s seniors, and our fight to reopen schools. 

Senator Scott will join Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) in filing an amendment to make K-12 funding contingent on schools reopening for in-person learning by the end of April. Sen. Scott is leading the movement to reopen schools and highlighting the devastating impact school closures have on our children. He will also support numerous amendments ensuring that our children and families are put first ahead of labor unions. 

Scott on reopening America’s schools…

“Labor unions and their bosses are the reason that many of our nation’s schools are still shuttered, even though science says in-person education is low-risk. The pandemic has created not only a health crisis, but also an education crisis that I fear may permanently affect the future of millions of students, especially those who grew up in poverty like I did. For our children’s sake, schools must be fully reopened for in-person learning.”

As Ranking Member of the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging, Senator Scott will file an amendment to reduce funding for states that have an active investigation into nursing homes for underreported deaths due to the coronavirus. He offered a similar amendment last month, which was rejected by all 50 Senate Democrats who voted against holding these states accountable for misreporting COVID-19 deaths.  

Scott on keeping states accountable for underreported nursing home deaths…

“Far too many COVID-19 deaths have been left unaccounted for due to the negligence of state and local leaders who have put politics ahead of people. We must shine a light on those who have inaccurately reported deaths to hold them accountable for their devastating decisions. Americans deserve to know the truth, and we will work to ensure justice is being done for the families of those who lost their lives.”

Senator Scott will support amendments that combat the Biden-supported, Democrat plan to fundamentally alter the American economy. He will vote against any amendment designed to increase the minimum wage or expand the size and scope of government.  

Scott on the progressive economic amendments Democrats are proposing…

“Democrats have never let a crisis go to waste, and it’s clear that they are using their ‘COVID relief package’ as a vehicle to fundamentally destroy the American economy. This bill is a Trojan Horse for the radical Left’s takeover of the country. Less than 10 percent of this bill goes to COVID health care relief and only one percent goes to vaccines. The vast majority of the bill is earmarked for liberal special interests’ priorities that would tank our economy, limit our freedoms, and slow down our recovery.