Sen. Scott Statement on Green New Deal Vote

WASHINGTON–U.S. Senator Tim Scott released the following statement following today’s vote on the Green New Deal:

“At its core, the Green New Deal seeks to overhaul the nation we know today by laying the foundation for a government-controlled America. This is not simply the beginning of socialism, but a massive leap towards policies antithetical to American exceptionalism. Not only would it stop the economic momentum we’re seeing in our economy, it is a regressive tax on low-income individuals that would only make the poor poorer and widen the wealth gap. The fact of the matter is, we are experiencing the best economy we’ve had in decades, job growth is high, unemployment rate across all demographics is low, and small businesses are optimistic. The Green New Deal is a big government, more regulation federal takeover of just about every aspect of the economy, and I wholeheartedly oppose it.”