Senator Scott: Bipartisan, Veto-Proof Vote Demands President Stop Playing Politics with Guantanamo

Washington – Following today’s overwhelming passage (91-3) of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) by the United States Senate, U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) reaffirmed the significant opposition facing the President as the White House plays politics with our national security in their attempts to close the detention facilities at Guantanamo Bay.

“Today Congress sent yet another strong message to the White House that it is time to stop playing politics over Guantanamo Bay,” Scott said. “It is absolutely mind boggling that the President continues to ignore the will of the American people and overwhelming votes in Congress to bar the transfer of these dangerous terrorists to domestic soil. Congress has acted – just because the President doesn’t like the answer does not mean he can ignore it.”

Scott added, “I am proud we were able to pass an NDAA that ensures our troops will have the resources they need as they bravely defend our nation,” Scott said. “I stand with all of our active duty military and our veterans, and thank them for their selfless dedication and sacrifice to our great nation.”

The NDAA passed the House of Representatives last week with a veto-proof majority as well (370-54).

Last month, the President vetoed the initial version of the NDAA, stating concerns over Guantanamo as well as spending caps. The recent budget deal satisfied the President’s concerns on spending caps; however the President continues to ignore Congress and the American people in his attempts to close the detention facilities at Guantanamo.

Senator Scott has authored or co-authored four op-eds this year on the President’s attempts to illegally transfer Guantanamo detainees:

Additionally, Senator Scott has stood strong against these transfer attempts for years:

“I fully believe that we should keep the Guantanamo facility open and operating as it is today,” Charleston Post and Courier, May 2013

“U.S. Sen. Tim Scott reiterated his opposition to closing the terrorist detention center at Guantanamo Bay amid reports the Obama administration is considering ways to circumvent Congress.” Charleston Post and Courier, October 2014

“They [detainees] should stay right where they are – in cells at the prison on Guantanamo Bay.” Charleston Post and Courier, August 2015