Senator Scott: One Month Later, Lessons From Families Ring Loud

Charleston, SC – U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) released the following statement one month after the tragedy at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston.

“One month ago, our city and our state were shook to their very core by the horrific actions of a man filled with hate. The nine lives lost are now forever etched into our state’s history, and we continue to mourn for the future they all should have had.

From the ashes of tragedy, however, rose something entirely different. Love. Unity. Forgiveness.

These are the lessons taught to us all by the families of the Emanuel 9, and the congregation at Mother Emanuel. Because of these nine families and their strength, their righteousness, we saw our state come together and reject hate, refuse divisiveness, and renounce violence.

We stand together today stronger than ever, a gift from those nine souls that we accept with still-broken hearts. In the aftermath of June 17, 2015, the nation and the world have seen the true South Carolina, the amazing place that we are blessed to call home.”