Senator Scott Slams Democrats’ Economic Plans on Newsmax

WASHINGTON – On Newsmax with Greta Van Susteren, U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) highlighted the disconnect between what the Democrats want and what Americans need.


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On President Biden’s trip to the Middle East … “We have the resources we need to supply our folks with the energy that we all need. … When President Trump was in the White House, gas was $1.99 a gallon in December 2020. Now it’s over $4 a gallon. And [President Biden] refuses to let our folks here at home domestically drill for the energy we need. That, to me, makes his entire trip, especially his meeting with MBS, a failure.”

On why the White House doesn’t support American energy … “What I can tell you is — as a spokesperson for South Carolinians — we would love to see more domestically-created jobs around our energy future. We would love to see the Keystone XL pipeline starting and six or 700,000 barrels of oil coming to this country every single day.”

On Democrats’ revived tax and spending spree, or ‘Build Back Better’ … “I prefer to call it ‘Build Back Broker,’ because the truth of the matter is they must not understand what causes inflation. When you think about adding more fuel to the fire or more money to the economy, you’re literally talking about increasing inflation. When you increase taxes on our corporations, on our small businesses, you’re reducing profit and you’re reducing the number of jobs that are available. … We are far better off with the BBB being DOA: dead on arrival.”

On President Biden’s disconnect from the American people … “Sometimes the White House seems to suggest, ‘Please believe what we are saying, not what you’re seeing with your own eyes.’

“They said ‘Afghanistan? It was a great withdrawal.’ What we saw was the death of 13 American soldiers and thousands of Americans stranded in Afghanistan. They tell us that the border is closed, but what we see is almost two and a half million illegal immigrants crossing our border in 12 months. … They tell us, by the way, that inflation is good for the poor, for working class people, because their wages are going up. But the truth is that, even though the wages have gone up, inflation outpaces wage increases, which means that you’ve had a loss of spending power.

“So these are three very clear examples of why the American people are shaking their heads mystified by what this president does not understand about what they’re experiencing.”