Senator Scott Statement on Iranian Nuclear Delay

CHARLESTON, SC – Senator Tim Scott released the following statement after the Obama Administration failed again to reach an agreement with Iran on its nuclear weapons program. On Wednesday, November 19, Sen. Scott joined his Republican colleagues in aletter to President Obamaexpressing their concerns with the negotiations and the administration’s apparent attempt to circumvent Congress on sanctions relief despite previous pledges to follow the law and work with Congress. “Every time President Obama and Secretary Kerry fail to meet deadlines in Iranian nuclear negotiations, we learn of more concessions given to Iran and are less certain that a deal will end Iran’s nuclear ambitions. This is absolutely unacceptable and will only make Americans less safe and endanger our friends and allies abroad. Iran is a recognized state sponsor of terror and one of the most dangerous actors in the world. The Obama administration cannot break the law and circumvent Congress to lift Iranian sanctions-the one tool that has actually proven to work in hindering Iran’s quest for a nuclear weapon. President Obama’s recent actions that circumvent Congress and the rule of law are extremely reckless and create greater risk and insecurity for America. President Obama needs to end his Congressional runaround and work with Congress to end Iran’s nuclear threat.”