Senator Tim Scott: Families and Businesses Can’t Use Band Aid Budgeting. Why Does Government?

Washington – U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) released the following statement regarding the Senate’s debate of a continuing spending resolution, which funds government operations in absence of a federal budget.
“The primary issue on everyone’s mind this week is defunding Obamacare – and rightfully so. The Unaffordable Care Act is raising premiums, forcing millions of Americans into part-time work, and raising taxes on hardworking American families. I am opposed to funding Obamacare, plain and simple, and my votes this week will reflect that.
“However, we continue to overlook another major point as we deal with our country’s latest budget crisis. Short-term, month-to-month budgeting is no way to run a government. Even if we manage to avoid a government shutdown by early next week, we will be debating the same question in just a few short months. We can’t continue to place a band aid on Washington’s failure to pass a responsible, long-term budget.
“When families sit down to plan their budgets, they are forced to make tough choices – like how to save for college, or simply how to get food on the dinner table that week. When small businesses open their doors, they have a plan to meet their payroll and keep their doors open with the revenue they bring in. The federal government has repeatedly failed to play by these same rules, and as a result, we move from crisis to crisis with no solution on the horizon for our growing fiscal mess. The ongoing process of governing by continuing resolution does not adjust for programs that are inefficient, duplicative or are just plain broken. The government grows ever bigger and laden with bureaucratic hurdles that hurt our economy and hurt our families.
“Congress hasn’t completed all 12 regular spending bills on time since 1997. And this year, Congress hasn’t yet passed any of these bills. As a result, our debt continues to rise, and the only action Washington could dream up to cut spending was an ill-advised sequester that disproportionately affects our defense capabilities and targets our troops while our country is at war.
“A big part of the solution here is not rocket science: Pass a budget. Pass all 12 appropriations bills. Show some fiscal foresight. While Obamacare is certainly more than enough reason to oppose the current continuing resolution, I will not support this stopgap spending measure and further grind our budgeting process to a halt.”