Senator Tim Scott Slams Biden Admin’s COVID Response, Disingenuous Election Reform Push

WASHINGTON – Today, U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) joined Martha MacCallum on Fox News’s “The Story” to call out the Biden administration for its weak COVID-19 response and disingenuous “election reform” push.


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On the Biden Administration’s COVID Blunders … “There’s no doubt that this administration has mishandled COVID and the response to COVID. Think about this: We started this last year off — this administration — with a $1.9 trillion supposed ‘COVID spending’ with only 1 percent for vaccines and less than 10 percent for COVID-related health. In other words, they spent $1.7 trillion overheating this economy, leading to inflation that feels like a tax increase and is a pay cut. Those are the results of this administration’s mishandling of the economy and the COVID challenges.”

On President Biden Stoking Division … “Bottom line is this: We had an opportunity to handle this crisis at the beginning in 2021 under this administration. Remember President Biden came into office promising us a unified country, but looking at what he’s doing with voting, he’s trying to divide our country. He said he would handle the COVID relief [and] things would get better, not worse, [but there have been] more deaths in 2021 than 2020. Here’s what we understand as the American people: We’re losing confidence in what he says because what he wants us to do is deny what we see and believe what he says.”

On President Biden’s Disingenuous Election Reform Speech … “The importance of the civil rights movement can never be overstated. … [A]s a southerner, I’m offended — I’m insulted — that [President Biden] refuses to recognize the tremendous progress made by Americans — not by Republicans or Democrats, not by Black folks or white folks, [but] by Americans coming together to fight for the rights of every single man [and] woman to vote. … We fought too hard [and] too long for the progress that he is denying.”