Senator Tim Scott Statement on the Resignation of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel

Charleston, SC- Senator Tim Scott released the following statement regarding the resignation of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. “In South Carolina, our military and defense communities are a vital part of our state. They are our family, friends and neighbors. And as many of them put their lives on the line for us everyday, they deserve a strong leader as Defense Secretary. The administration must now move quickly to nominate a qualified candidate for Secretary of Defense. The threats we currently face, be it ISIS, Iran or others, involve some of the most dangerous actors in the world. The new Secretary must be willing and able to develop a cohesive long-term strategy to combat these threats and keep our nation safe. This has not proven to be a strong point for this administration in the past, and that must change. America cannot continue to lead from behind on issues of national security at home and abroad. I want to thank Secretary Hagel for his service, and wish him the best in his future endeavors.”