Senator Tim Scott Statement Regarding Cuba and the Release of Alan Gross

Charleston, SC– U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) released the following statement regarding Cuba and the release of Alan Gross. “I am certainly happy that Alan Gross has come home to his family. His imprisonment in Cuba for the past five years is yet another example of the dangers of the authoritarian regime in Havana. However, I am also very concerned that the President has decided to reward Cuba for decades of human rights abuses, weapons trafficking, espionage and other abuses. Not only are three Cuban spies, one of which was convicted of murder, being returned to Havana, but with the Castro family still holding absolute power in Cuba we cannot trust that loosening travel restrictions and economic sanctions will do anything but line the pockets of the regime. These actions will do nothing to increase the freedom and liberty the Cuban people deserve. Unfortunately, this is yet another example of this administration continuing to show the rest of the world, and dangerous leaders like those in Iran and North Korea, that the United States is willing to appease them.”