Senators Scott and Graham Convince Coast Guard to Delay Closure of the Air Facility Charleston

Contact:Sean Conner (Scott) (202) 224-6121
Kevin Bishop (Graham) (864) 250-1417

WASHINGTON- Working together to prevent the closure of the Air FacilityCharleston, South Carolina’s United States Senators Tim Scott and Lindsey Graham today announced that Admiral Paul Zukunft, the Commandant of the Coast Guard, has given his assurances to delay the closure of the Air FacilityCharlestonuntil at least December 15. The facility had previously been set to close on November 30. “Losing theAir FacilityCharleston and its search-and-rescue helicopter would have serious implications on one of our nation’s critical port cities and adversely impact the safety of mariners, residents and tourists in the region. Admiral Zukunft’s commitment to delay closure of this important facility until at least December 15th is positive news for the Lowcountry,” said Senator Scott. “With this extra time, it’s my hope that the Coast Guard will look closely at the safety and economic benefits of the facility to South Carolinians and those in the region. I will continue to work closely with our Congressional delegation and the Coast Guard to explore options that will keep theAir FacilityCharleston operational.” “Closing theAir FacilityCharleston will mean that the closest Coast Guard search and rescue helicopter will be almost 80 miles away,” said Graham. “And when it comes to rescue missions, seconds and minutes are literally the difference between life and death. I’m hopeful the extra time will allow Congress to find the necessary funds to continue operation of this critical facility.” Senators Scott and Graham noted Congress is set to return to work the week of November 10.