VIDEO: Senator Scott: “Gitmo is The Only Location on Earth to Keep these Enemy Combatants”

Washington –U.S.Senators Tim Scott (R-SC), Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), and Shelley Capito (R-WV) held a joint press conference today to discuss their visit last week to the Guantanamo Bay detention facility in Cuba.

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Transcript of Senator Scott’s Remarks

Thank you. Senator [Ayotte], thank you for allowing us to go with you on that trip, it was certainly a fascinating experience and opportunity for me to understand and appreciate why Guantanamo Bay is the only location on earth for these enemy combatants to stay. Frankly, when you think about the location of the, of Gitmo, it is an isolated location, surrounded by water, mountains, and a dessert. So this is a location where you want the world’s worst terrorists without any question.

The second observation I have is that our men and women consistently are doing fantastic jobs. As the Senator [Ayotte] described the splashing incidents – over 250 assaults have been made against the guards, not one, not one single retaliation. And the splashing episode, if you really understand and appreciate what splashing is, you understand how much character and restraint our guards really have. Splashing is basically: if you take a water bottle, and you fill that water bottle with urine, feces, and vomit. And then, you use it as a projectile, and splash the guards as they are trying to provide assistance to the inmates. This is deplorable. And frankly, it is amazing. And it speaks. It is a major testament to our military, to their training, to their personal resolve to honor the country as they take care of these prisoners.

I think the Senator also addressed the fact that…we are allowing the enemy combatants to work our legal system, that is, to the detriment of these women who are willing to serve their country. And it is also a detriment to their own promotions. If you think about the fact that they are unable to fulfill their responsibilities, they are unable to do the job they have volunteered to do, it is amazing and remarkable. And that has a long-term impact on these young women’s ability to see the same type of promotions to happen, in the same time frame, if they are unable to do their jobs. And the one thing, I left that room, after we spoke with the women was simply this: not only do we want to let us do our jobs, but they were very passionate about the consequences of not being able to do their jobs.

…Gitmo is the only location on earth to keep these enemy combatants. Our military continues to do amazing work. With great respect, we were able to see that the quality of life of the inmates is really good, really good, and frankly, outstanding, especially if you compare it to the Federal Bureau of Prisons. It is quite remarkable that with high integrity, the quality of life being experienced by these enemy combatants was as good as it was. We have a lot to be proud of as Americans.