VIDEO: Senator Scott Thanks the American People for “an outpouring of affection and love to South Carolina”

View Senator Scott’s remarks online HERE or download a broadcast quality version HERE.

Transcript of Senator Tim Scott’s Remarks at the United States Capitol:

Thank you, Senator [Mitch] McConnell. To my colleagues in the Senate who took the time to give me a call during the challenging times that we’ve experienced in South Carolina, I say thank you. To our friends in the House who — both Republicans and Democrats reached out to me and reached out to South Carolina, I say thank you. And to this country who’s had such an outpouring of affection and love to South Carolina and specifically to Charleston, I say thank you.

Perhaps if there is a moment for us to take a step back from the political process and recognize and appreciate really true righteousness, you look at the families of the nine victims and you look at what they did at the bond hearing, it was probably the best of who we are as Americans. What they simply said in profound words was I forgive you.

One of the things that perhaps we can learn through the political process about bringing people together is to remember South Carolina, remember the families of the nine victims, how they brought a community together during the worst atrocity in our state’s history, and I am thankful that I live in a country where forgiveness can be seen in the worst of conditions and where we can appreciate and sense and feel the love, the affection and the appreciation from around the world, but specifically, around the country. And on behalf of South Carolina, we are thankful to be a part of an amazing nation. God bless.