What They Are Saying: Senator Scott Leading the Push for School Choice

Washington – This week, U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) held #ChoosingExcellence, a forum gathering education reformers from around the country. Now, the nation is taking notice of his leadership on the issue of school choice and education reform.

POLITICO: “His enthusiasm has gotten the respect of old hands on education policy. [Senate Education Committee Chairman Lamar] Alexander paused while talking about voucher programs for students with disabilities – one of Scott’s signature issues – at a recent event to add, ‘Tim Scott is compelling when he talks about this.'”

CHARLESTON POST AND COURIER: U.S. Sen. Tim Scott believes where a child lives should not determine the quality of his or her education. That’s why Scott on Monday hosted a day-long forum in Washington, D.C., titled Choosing Excellence: A Forum on the Freedom to Choose Academic Excellence for Every Child.”

WASHINGTON TIMES: There is much talk about improving education. Much talk. Now comes “Choosing Excellence,” an intense, daylong forum at the Hart Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill organized by Sen. Tim Scott, South Carolina Republican, who has assembled a thoughtful group to parse out the realities of academic excellence for every American child.

CNN: “Somebody we should watch – Senator Tim Scott. He’s hosting an education forum to talk about school choice…he will be very important come 2016.”

WASHINGTON EXAMINER: “We need to create a modern educational system for the modern challenges future generations will face – a competitive, interconnected global economy, where students from Charleston and Baton Rouge will compete with those from Chengdu and Bombay. Creating that system involves reforms large and small – but three guiding principles. First, give parents choices.” – @SenatorTimScott and Governor @BobbyJindal Op-ed

MEDILL NEWS SERVICE “Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., who has been a supporter of school choice, introduced legislation last month that would increase funding for states to expand choice programs for students with disabilities. ‘The quality of your education should not be determined by your zip code,” Scott said at the event, which had a number of local students in attendance.'”

More information regarding Senator Scott’s CHOICE Act, which increases educational opportunities for children with special needs, military families and low-income communities, can be found here. The #ChoosingExcellence Forum can be viewed via C-SPAN.