Cheering For Every Kid

Nearly 200 students competed in the Charleston County School District’s Special Olympics on April 28. Exceptional education students represented 12 middle and high schools across the district, including four in Mount Pleasant.


Students from Wando High School, Lucy Beckham High School, Laing Middle School and Moultrie Middle School in Mount Pleasant competed in track events, walking events and field events. Event coordinator Abby Zwetzig, who is also a low-incidence teacher at Wando, said the events needed to be accessible for students of all abilities. There were three different 50-meter dashes — one for runners, one for students in automatic wheelchairs and one for manual wheelchairs.


At Wando, students practiced for the games in their physical education classes, gearing up for the district-wide competition. Students reviewed general rules for track and field events, and practiced running, throwing softballs and their long jumps for the big day.


“We’re all really excited to make it a whole school event because my students are constantly at football games or basketball games, or other sporting events, cheering on everybody else in their school. I think that they’re excited to have the spotlight on them for a day and just have the school cheer for them,” Zwetzig said.

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