Growing The Garden

How does your garden grow? It grows with a senior’s love and care. Vital Aging of Williamsburg County, Inc., a non-profit that serves local seniors, has been growing in everything it touches. Because of this, the business has been selected for the Williamsburg Hometown Chamber’s Image Award.


A peek at gardens full of beans, tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers reveals the hard work of the elder ladies and gentlemen. Inside, activities include Walk-With-Ease (an Arthritis Foundation program) and Bingocize, an evidence-based program that strategically combines the game of bingo, exercise, and/or health education. Vital Aging recently signed a partnership agreement with the South Carolina State University’s 1890 Research and Extension that provides nutrition education.


The goal of Vital Aging is to help the elderly maintain a healthy balance in life, while maintaining independence in the home. Most services require individuals to meet certain eligibility guidelines. 

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