Keeping Faith In South Carolina

Shingles, sweat and servanthood were major parts of last week for dozens of teenagers and a few adults in the vicinity of South Lane Drive and Dizzy Place, with an annual youth ministry underway, leading to sturdier roofs for four homes in need of help.


The Rev. Matt Miller, with First Baptist Church of Wagener, had 50 young people in action June 18-24, taking part in Pege Project. One of his daughters, Mara, was also on board for this year’s effort.


“We want to provide a physical fix for somebody, like roofing a house or something, but also sharing the gospel, because that’s the water that never runs dry, and so we want to be that well or spring, providing that for other people through the gospel.”


The process of selecting homes for service, Mara noted, includes mileage, conversation and prayer. “My dad really goes prayerfully throughout the communities that are near here and looks at some houses that might have some needs and then talks to homeowners,” she said.

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