Keeping It Local

Two Georgetown County hardware stores held their grand openings April 14 in a sign that growth is coming from smaller family-owned businesses.


Floor Manager Kim Stewart said the store has been an answer to the rallying cry of “Don’t Box the Neck,” used by Waccamaw Neck locals in opposition to big-box stores since the newly re-opened the store is individually-owned and operated as a small business.


“They’ve spent the last year and a half really sort of revamping the store,” Stewart said of the Heusers. “We’ve repainted the outside, did some work on the inside, really got the inventory levels up and we rearranged a lot of stuff in the main area here to hopefully make a little more enjoyable shopping experience.”


“Everybody likes the fact that they’re from this area, people like the fact that we’re a smaller business, locally-owned,” Terrie Walker said of the store’s business during the soft opening.

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