Newberry Coming Together

The partnership between Newberry College and Newberry County Memorial Hospital will be set in concrete, literally, following a historic agreement finalized this month and signed June 30. The partnership is designed to allow for better growth, greater access and more innovation in health care in the Midlands.

The $500,000 agreement will establish a working health clinic, to adjoin the college’s up-and-coming Nursing & Health Science Center. In addition to the clinic, the agreement will provide funds to help grow the college’s nursing and orthopedic programs.


“This partnership and this facility are a game-changer,” said Dr. Jerry Alewine, interim dean of nursing and health sciences at Newberry College, and a member of the hospital’s board of trustees. “Our students will not only have a new, state-of-the-art center in which to hone their skills, but a fully functioning clinic in which to do meaningful, life-changing work, right here.”

The clinic’s experiential benefit will be significant for nursing students, Alewine said, especially those in fundamentals, leadership and community nursing courses. But as with the Nursing & Health Science Center, the clinic will be an invaluable asset for students across health care programs.


Construction on the 1,200-square-foot clinic, as well as the adjoining Nursing & Health Science Center, is expected to be complete in late spring 2023 at the corner of College and Evans streets.

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